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Double Interest : Book Review

Double Interest
Author: Odeda Yaari
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre: drugs, sci-fi, thriller
ISBN-13: 978-1544739588

I have received Double Interest in exchange for a fair review

The synopsis and setting were interesting

It tells of three dreamers, focusing on their own scientific research to make the world a better place. To say dreamers, they are highly qualified scientist who are researching in their own field, trying to make their world a better place. With most innovations/ inventions, there would be a good side and a bad side. The cover, as you guessed, is poppy. The flower is how opium was derived from, and how opioids were made synthetically after the structure. Yup, it is a story about drugs.

Unbeknownst to them, someone is interested in their research, and will stop at nothing to get it. This sounds like a conflict that will draw you in. Hence why I chose this book to review. A lot is promised, it has high stakes and high payouts.

The trouble is, it did not deliver.

Not like the story is bad or boring, but the author somehow failed to invoke something in me. It is quite possible that because I know nobody fell victim to drugs, so I could not have emotionally linked myself to the story. Then again, the author uses more telling than showing, and it felt like a report. By half way I was bored and confused.

Then I got annoyed

It’s 2017, and this story still uses men as scientists, women has some by roles. I am not judging, but to say that a whole team of researchers are male, is telling something. In today’s world, highly unrealistic. Then I have no idea why another plot is set, which confused me even more.

Whatever high hopes I had for the book, it soon dissipated with the appearance of the first female character. In truth, although the story showed promise, everything else fell apart. I chugged along anyway, hoping for maybe a spark of something.

Till the end, I did not find it.


I have no doubts that some people will like the story, but it is just not for me. I couldn’t relate to it, and most of all, cannot understand why the plot and characters behave so.


Implying scientist with high IQ and low EQ is one thing, but to insult that intelligence is another problem this book has. If you are a fan of thrillers and chase, this *might* be for you, but don’t hold your breath.

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The Four Legendary Kingdoms Review

The Four Legendary Kingdoms
Author: Matthew Reilly
Genre: thriller, action
Series: Jack West Jr
ISBN: 978-1409167129

To the cover illustrator, why did you do such a bad job?? May be read the book before drawing hmm? That is so not Jack West Jr. First of all, pretty sure you drew both hands the same, they are not.

The Four Legendary Kingdoms nice covers

Australian cover + a heart breaker

I was recommended this author when I first arrived in Australia, that is eleven years ago now. The only book that I did not read is the Hover Car Racer, because I am not a fan of cars and it did not feature any of his heroes then. Jack West is a later hero that Matthew Reilly introduced, before then I was reading Shane Schofield.

It is not really a spoiler, because fans had been asking the author to put the two heroes together. I always envisioned a co-op scene, but never one like this. My heart just broke when I actually realized what was happening. Sure there were hints, I just refused to believe them.

The Four Legendary Kingdoms is almost like a rewrite, Reilly used the Twelve Labors of Hercules to draw up this magnificent, fast paced book that could stop hearts. As an author, he could create any world he wanted, and he created Hell, nice. We have a new Hercules, except he doesn’t have a club, only a titanium hand.

Through it all, this is actually a first book of a different series. Be warned, once you read this you will be pining for the next book. Because it not only uses classical stories, he also introduced end of the world. Basically the theme is: “if you do not do heroic deeds, the world will end.”

That guy didn’t even stand a chance, if I had pompoms I would be cheering him on. As usual, his team of family members are ready to help him save the world from burning into cinders. Hope his new friend will be in the next one too.


This is too hard to recommend, mainly because you have to start with Seven Deadly Wonders, and we are at Four Legendary Kingdoms now. See where we are at? Although he put it as a three part series, it would make more sense to start from there instead of this book.

If you start from Seven,  you will know who is who, and why things happen the way they do. I promise you that this series will be addictive to people who like fast paced action with a lot of things blowing up. Seriously, every chapter something blows up. My only gripe with the author is his overuse of exclamation marks.

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If you are not sure about this writer and would like to read something of his without much commitment, try Great Zoo of China.

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The Feral Sentence Series Review

book 1 of the series

The Feral Sentence
Author: G. C. Julien
Edited by: Nikki Busch
Publisher: Self- published
Series: Feral Sentence novella series
Genre: action, dystopian, adult

The Feral Sentence Quote:
“If you can’t contribute to this society, then your presence here is useless.”

When Lydia Brone landed near Kormace Island, her new life begins. The narration is first person, to make you experience Lydia’s fear of the unknown. Through the author’s skill, the story remains so, to keep the readers unaware of next step. You would only learn about her history, as well as how Kormace Island came to be, when she reminisces.

Apparently, in the future, the government no longer wants to support prison inmates. Through legislation, Kormace Island is born. No one knows exactly what that means, even Lydia. We (Lydia and I) assumed that the Island is just another facility, but no…

There is nothing on that island except felons and murderers. The almost good news is that it is only female convicts, I am not sure where the male prisoners go. Lydia never mentioned that fact, because right from the first chapter, she has had to fight for her life.

I was fortunate enough to have The Feral Sentence Parts 1-4 of book 1. because this book works as a serial novella. Kind of like watching Walking Dead, only this one comes in around seventy pages of intense information dump. First of all, Lydia learns her new reality. Then she learns new skill, and how everyone has a role in the new society she landed in.

Very quickly, she learns that everyone had a shady past, and there is always a struggle to stay alive. Not only they have an enemy camp, the Island is deadly too. Mother Nature provides, she could also takes away. If you are a lover of gruesome scenes (not zombies, mind you) and thrilling events, The Feral Sentence is for you.


I could almost forgive the cliffhangers at the end of every part, this is designed to make you come back for more after all. Although this is a dystopian fiction, the world itself it not ruined or anything, but Lydia’s world has been made so. Throughout it all, I love how The Feral Sentence could make you realize that this could be our future if humans stopped caring about one another.

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