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A Million Worlds With You

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A Million Worlds with You (Firebird)
Author: Claudia Gray
Series: Firebird #3 end
Publisher: HarperTeen
Genre: sci-fi, teen, multiverse
ISBN-13: 978-0062279026

Firebird ending

Marguerite faces a grim future, the Universe where she is evil has plans end other Universes. I cannot believe that this is the end, it seemed like yesterday that I have started reading A Thousand Pieces of You. Now I am saying good bye, time sure flies. Special thanks to my library for keeping all three books, I actually ordered this one in via them.

After finding out the ‘dastardly’ plans of Evil Mom and Dad, and realizing how far the Evil Marguerite is willing to go to please her parents, our heroine dashes off to prevent more disasters. It seemed hopeless, because Evil had a head start, and was determined to kill all of her, just out of spite.

Not only Marguerite had to stop her evil-self from wrecking havoc, she had to find a way to stop the madness. I will admit that the story is well crafted from the beginning. But I had hoped for an ending that did not feel rushed, it did by the way. Jumping from one Universe to another, it was fun seeing how different one Universe differs to another, purely by decision.

That is what this story is based upon, the multiverse. The belief that each major decision (not what you had for lunch) branches out into a different verse. Such as your mom and dad decided to get married, or if cockroaches decided to rule the world. I digress, but Firebird series is wonderfully unique in that way, utilizing a scientific theory to craft this beautiful romance story.

Litte Gripe

While I love how it ends, it was the process that made me a little … annoyed. In the end of everything, all the pain that Evil inflicted on different universes’ Marguerite, her ending is a little anticlimactic. Yes, I know that it is not the worse possible scenario, and I do feel sorry for her. But Evil is the ultimate villain, you can’t get any worse than making all the other ‘yous’ commit suicide. If she could fall off a cliff, that is ideal…

As the pages move nearer toward the end, the story rushes more and more. The focus becomes to the relationship between Marguerite and Paul, which is fine except there is a love triangle somewhere?


I cannot complain, nor that I will. A Million Worlds With You is a romantic book in a teenage kind of way, how love can trump a lot of things. In the end, I wish that it wasn’t such an easy way out. Some struggling depicts growth, and having your growth taken away from your back is cheating.

Have you read it, what d0 you think?

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The Fine Art of Deception: Undoing Time

The Fine Art of Deception: Undoing Time
Author: Alyssa Richards
Series: The Fine Art of Deception 1
Genre: paranormal romance, mystery

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I received this book for a fair review, I am always thankful to the authors and publishers for the opportunity to read their books. Every book is the result of hard work and dedication, so I am grateful.

Undoing Time Review

I would have to comment on the sexy cover, seems to have nothing to do with time and art. Interestingly, Undoing Time is not clearly smaller on the cover, but the series title is nicely done. The cover is still beautiful and eye catching.

Undoing Time is a first narrative of Adeline Montgomery,  the girl with serious issues when the story starts. It is clear from the beginning that she is gifted at the psychic’s department. Anything she touches will reveal its owner’s secrets, and it is a tough gift to handle. Her skill had caused her pain, yet she cannot stop it, only accept that life can be painful when people do not understand you.

When she had to accept a job at an art firm, she met Blake Greenwood, an art gallery owner. It is clear that the author has a passion for beautiful paintings and such, because the book is filled with titles of famous arts. When Addie touches something, she realizes that she has found a terrible secret.

One that might kill her.

Problem: no one to trust. While her chemistry with Blake is electric and hot, Addie does not know that if he is trustworthy, particularly from the secrets that she had glimpsed. Paired a current mystery with the disappearance of her father and grandfather, Addie has good reason to believe that she might be next.

Undoing Time contains good set of characters, a strong mysterious plot and a murderous intent. This is so far a good combination to hook all the readers in, promising to fulfill the statement: I’d tell you, but I will have to kill you. Definitely a good start to a trilogy series, would love to read more about the Art of Deception Series.