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Onyx Webb the Finale : Book Review

Onyx Webb: Book Ten: Episodes 29, 30, 31 & 32 Kindle Edition
Author: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz
Genre: paranormal, romance, ghost, thriller

Onyx Webb : The Finale

It was meant to end, because Onyx and Noah finally were happy, The Southern Gentleman slipped up during his quest, and the loose ends were finally beginning to be tied up. Book Nine was not that far ago, back in May. The story had been steadfastly moving towards the end since book one. I am sad to see it end, though I am sure that Richard and Andrea will be starting a new series soon.

A writer never stops writing, I think.

The Story

Onyx Webb is the name of the supposedly main character Onyx Webb, but in truth it is not just about her. From book one, there have been multiple characters, starting with the disappearance of a girl: Juniper Cole. The first few books have different timelines, but had since converged into one main timeline around book 5. The Leg Collector’s obsession, Koda Mulvaney’s brush with paranormal and a killer nun are just one of the events that happened in relation to her, directly or indirectly.

They are also multiple story lines, Onyx Webb is not just a ghost story. It also has mystery and puzzles, and I do love my puzzles. My favorite part would be when Newt showed up, the genius boy who managed to solve a lot of cold cases for the police. Then the ghosts start appearing.

By twist of fate, the authors skillfully avoided telling who which ones are not alive. Aside from Onyx, it is a guessing game for some of the characters in the book. Some I figured out, others were a surprise. If ghosts are real, I definitely want to be like Onyx.

Ten Stories On…

It is okay to doubt that all ten books in the series might flop somewhere. Thankfully and amazingly, I loved all ten books. I love the time I spent with Onyx, but actually I spent more time swooning about Newt and Koda. It was a great pleasure being part of a scene in parts, other times it was more as a spectator.

And it takes a lot of planning to reach this level: ten books that consistently delivers awe, surprise and “oh my god where’s the rest?” Not many books do that, usually by book four I’m already moving on… So, this alone, is a feat worthy of the gods. Even Harry Potter only have seven books right?


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Oh, the best way to describe how I am feeling at the moment.


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Onyx Webb : Ninth Book with Four Chapters

Onyx Webb: Book Nine: Episodes 25, 26, 27 & 28
Author: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz
Genre: multi-genre, paranormal, mystery, thriller
Series: Onyx Webb 9

Nine Books later… still can’t let go

The most important thing that I should share about Onyx Webb is this: nine books later, still exciting. Unlike some series that feels like its dragging its feet after a few books later, Onyx kept me on my toes with its multiple characters and limitless genres. With multi-genre series, it is like the authors were saying “screw the rules!”

Hence this is one hard book to read from the middle or the end, because Onyx Webb starts from book one, don’t even try starting anywhere else. Why ruin a good series just because you are lazy? Probably it means that you are not ready, come back when you have time to wallow in the sadness or follow the mystery of ghosts.

Penultimate/ Ultimate

While this is the penultimate book, as described by the authors and other readers. To me it was the ultimate book of the series. Not only there was this super special event, which lead to a lot of people dying; a lot of answers come out. Good to see that the authors are starting to tie up loose ends. Although I am a little sad about how some things panned out, but an ending done well is still closure.


I have recommended Onyx Webb since book one, because this series had been captivating and mesmerizing from day 1. It will be a sad moment when it ends, because I have had to much fun with all the characters in the book.

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Onyx Webb : Book Eight Reivew

Onyx Webb : Book 8
Author : Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz
Genre: paranormal, romance, intrigue
Series: Onyx Webb 8

Onyx Webb is Inviting You To A Ball

Book Eight is moving along great, if you have not read Book One, now is a good to start, because you do not want to miss the Solstice Eclipse Ball, which is going to be epic!

First of all, our resident serial Killer is going to make an appearance. He has been sloppy currently in Book Eight due to his drug addiction, but he is planning something big. To make things sweeter, his prey has just fallen into his lap, gift wrapped and all.

Then we have the heroine of the book: Onyx herself. After her financial situation improves, her helper dares to dream big. Will Onyx be able to put down her past enough to accept a future? Not to mention her current situation. I am rooting for her to find happiness, but I am not sure if that is what she wanted.

Koda and his obsession was paid off, but he had unwittingly invited more guest along to the ball that he knows. His father Bruce remains the only person in the Mulvaney family who is in the dark, but he is smart, I am sure that he will catch on quick enough.

Between them, there’re the ghost catchers and the witnesses, soon all will gather at the main event. I really cannot wait to be at the front row sits, to be honest, I don’t mind being a fly at the ball. The authors are planning something huge, I do not mean expensive or extravagant.

Rubbing my hands in glee, I have my invitation to the ball!

You are invited!


The Onyx Webb series has always been full of suspense and intrigue. I have been a follower of Onyx since book one, when I was approached by the authors for a fair review. Since then, the journey with the characters have been fun and exciting. This is like an Asian drama, full of twists and turns, you will like it, I promise you.

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Read book 7 review here.

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Onyx Webb: Book Seven – Story Continues

Onyx Webb: Book 7
Authors: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz
Series: Book 7/ Episodes 19- 21
Genre: Multi- genre (suspense, paranormal, horror to name a few)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

I am back for book 7 review.

Onyx Webb book 7 came to me around Halloween, life got in the way as usual. I did read it in one go, because it is so addictive. I am very proud to say I am an Onyx Webb groupie, if there is such a thing. My favorite character? Gotta be Koda Mulvaney, aside from having heart of gold, he is also one of the most persistent person alive in the book. This series has to be read in order, so get your Onyx Webb book 1 here.

As the world becomes more intrigued with the mystery of Onyx Webb and her home, a serial murderer is at large, and there are a lot of scores to settle here in book seven. The timelines are slowly converging, I wonder where does everything lead to? Book 7 seems to have some answers emerging from long time ago, particularly the story about a missing girl.

My highlight of the book? The battle between Onyx Webb and her arch nemesis, did not see that coming at all. Then we have a grudge that needs to be settled, and a romance that seems to be going nowhere. The remaining questions are spoilers, so I cannot post them here. *Sigh*

I am sure that this is a book for everyone old enough to understand ghosts, revenges and ulterior motives. There is indeed something for everyone in this series: romance, crime, mystery, the list goes on. Like most other readers/ bloggers that enjoy Onyx Webb since the beginning, this definitely will be a captivating TV series. The creepy setting will attract horror genre lovers, and you will definitely stay for the mystery.

You are warned, addictive series ahead.