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She Be Damned : Review & Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts Hop

She Be Damned
Author: M.J. Tjia
Series: A Heloise Chancey Mystery #1
Genre: mystery, thriller
Source: Netgalley
Buy from : Amazon

Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts Quote For She Be Damned

This meme is hosted by (un)Conventional Bookviews every Thursday. Today, I had just finish a book that has a quote for food, so here is the quote to start. This is part of a memory of one of the characters, although it does not affect the story, it does impart important information about the heroine, Heloise Chancey.

… I sat at the kitchen table and helped myself to a bowl of sweetened black rice, adding coconut milk for its saltiness. I had eaten most of it when my mother’s maid ran into the kitchen, fell to the floor, and wrapped her arms around my legs.

“She is dead. She is dead,” she wailed.

The Review

If the meme has peaked your interest, I hope to entice you more with a positive review. First of all, this is the cover that Netgalley had, but I do prefer the one Amazon has.netgalley

The Story

The setting: 1863’s London, where Heloise Chancey is enjoying life after suffering in poverty for a long time. Her good looks may have given her a chance, but it was her observation and acting skills that got her into a fairly comfortable life in Mayfair.

But, girls were turning up dead around Waterloo, with their feminine parts missing. Despite that, the police were not doing anything, as the victims were prostitutes and not worth the attention. Heloise was recruited by a private investigator to investigate the disappearance of a young girl, cast out by family yet love still remains.

The characters are very interesting. Written in first person point of view, She Be Damned actually has two stories running concurrently. One is Heloise’s investigation, while the other is more like a memory of someone, presumable her Amah. Then things got interesting, as Heloise digs deeper, the suspect list gets longer. Heloise also met a Sergeant, who was investigating the case.

The Verdict

This is not just a fascinating mystery, it is a foundation for Heloise to set her fame in the story. Her dalliance with the Sergeant, and her success in cracking the case may be the break she needed to be recruited in future mysteries. Heloise shows the world that she can be a good detective, with her acting skills and her connections with the shadier world.

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She Be Damned is definitely a strong start to hopefully an exciting life of an amateur sleuth. The way Heloise solved her case might not be the most original, but she does have a good background story. I hope to see her grow as a detective, and watch her relationship with other characters.

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A Penny For Her Heart : Rachel Storme 3 Review

A Penny For Her Heart
Author: Alretha Thomas
Genre: murder mystery
Series: Rachel Storme 3

A Penny For Her Heart : Review

Rachel Storme is back in book 3, with a more complicated story and more exciting stage. When Vanessa Rossi found her best friend, Penelope “Penny” Newhouse dead at their work place. Worse of all, it is near the election time, and their boss the Mayor wanted to get everything solved before polls plummet.

Like the previous books, Rachel is a meticulous detective that inspects all leads. In Penny For Her Heart, there was one crucial clue that stopped Rachel from wrapping up the case when her boss said so. With the backing for her partner Herb, she digs deeper to find the real killer.

The author, Alretha throws in a lot of convincing red herrings. The skeletons that turned up from the investigation could have convinced a lot of people who were murderer was. If it were not for Rachel’s attention to detail, the real killer might have walked away free. Of course, in politics, things get murky. The setting was perfect, the mystery is a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Aside from the murder, Rachel has to deal with her family issues. Vanessa, the girl who found the body had to get on with life. But as clues keep popping up, Vanessa had to wonder if she is safe at all. With the killer at large, without a real motive, anyone could be next. That alone was enough to keep me reading until the end, because not only there were a lot of suspects, everyone seemed to have an alibi.


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I like Rachel Storme series because the whole story just twists into something else by the end. Ever lousy at reading clues, this proves to me that I am a lousy detective, I got everything wrong.

Too bad there’s not butler in this one.


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Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling Trinity Series) Review

Netgalley Cover

Silver Silence

Author: Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changeling Trinity Novel 1
Genre: Romance , Sci Fi & Fantasy
From: Netgalley

Amazon cover

The Cover

I am not sure which cover you would prefer, but I kind of like the one from Netgalley over the red one from Amazon. Even though Valentin on the cover is not the I had envisioned, the red one just has not much attraction to it.

The Story

The title is related to the story, however I do find it a little weird. Weird enough to attract curious attention, it was the synopsis that did me in. I was sold by the summary of the book in Netgalley, plus it was easier to request from an Australian publisher usually. The author minces no words, preferring a funny courtship as an opening, then BAM! shit happens.

Valentin, the alpha of the StoneWater Bear clan, wastes no time in dissecting clues and saving the day. A lot is at stake when his intended mate: Silver Mercant was attacked. Silver is no ordinary person, she is a unique born psychic who could hear people’s thoughts. She lives by a code of Silence: emotionless world to keep her gift from killing her too young. However there is much to the story than her code.

This is a series after all, it would be boring without a lot of problems to start in the first book for the readers to follow through right? Silver Silence is the beginning of a challenging and exciting series for me. There is an uneasy truce between the humans, Changelings (Valentin) and Psy (Silver). Something is going in the psy world, a lot of hints while attacks are happening around the world

Sounds familiar?

It should be, it is happening upon the real world now.


My favorite would be Valentin, Alpha of the StoneWater Bear clan. He is one of the three predatory Changeling alphas, the other being Selena of the Wolf pack (BlackEdge) and the Leopard Clan’s Lucas. As the leader of the Bears, he has a lot of bear traits like fearless, funny and playful.

Silver is harder to like due to her Silence, not that she is not likable. Despite being an adult, Silver was more fun later on as she unwittingly gets involved with Valentin. You could say that he wore her down, with disastrous results.


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Silver Silence has what I love: funny banter, a mystery and a unique plot despite a well worn story line. Somehow we can relate with the struggles. The theme for the book is Family, and it is heavily featured in the book. I find that it is an easy/ hard read; easy because words just flow by, hard because of the difficult things they have to face.

I do like it, it spells a wonderful start to a series that will be going strong. If you are a fan of people saving each other instead of always guy saving girl, then this one is definitely for you.




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Onyx Webb : Ninth Book with Four Chapters

Onyx Webb: Book Nine: Episodes 25, 26, 27 & 28
Author: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz
Genre: multi-genre, paranormal, mystery, thriller
Series: Onyx Webb 9

Nine Books later… still can’t let go

The most important thing that I should share about Onyx Webb is this: nine books later, still exciting. Unlike some series that feels like its dragging its feet after a few books later, Onyx kept me on my toes with its multiple characters and limitless genres. With multi-genre series, it is like the authors were saying “screw the rules!”

Hence this is one hard book to read from the middle or the end, because Onyx Webb starts from book one, don’t even try starting anywhere else. Why ruin a good series just because you are lazy? Probably it means that you are not ready, come back when you have time to wallow in the sadness or follow the mystery of ghosts.

Penultimate/ Ultimate

While this is the penultimate book, as described by the authors and other readers. To me it was the ultimate book of the series. Not only there was this super special event, which lead to a lot of people dying; a lot of answers come out. Good to see that the authors are starting to tie up loose ends. Although I am a little sad about how some things panned out, but an ending done well is still closure.


I have recommended Onyx Webb since book one, because this series had been captivating and mesmerizing from day 1. It will be a sad moment when it ends, because I have had to much fun with all the characters in the book.

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Diadem of Death Review

Image from Netgalley

Diadem of Death
Author: B. R. Myers
Series: The Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series #2
Genre: mystery, history, YA
Publisher: Blue Moon Publishers
Publish Date: 25 April 2017
ISBN: 9781988279503

Diadem of Death is like a cool tomb raider game

Except it is not Tomb Raider at all, Nefertari accompanies her father to the place that took her mother. Leaving behind her boyfriend Zach, their relationship up in the air due to her commitment and his. Fortunately, she has her friends with her in this trip. In continuance from the first book : Asp of Ascension, Terry and her dad travels to Egypt in search of Cleopatra’s tomb.

But what awaits them was more than a promise to complete her mother’s work. A mishap in the airport was a stroke of luck, particularly when the plane that they were supposed to be on sunk into the bottom of the ocean. Terry, her dad and friends Maude and Finn (or Fitz? I can’t remember his name).

Soon, their adventures lead to more curses being released and more question than answers. As the guardian of the Asp, Terry has an affinity to all things Cleopatra. The story twists and turns, and somehow makes you question who is her real ally, aside from the pair of sidekicks.


The ending was quite romantic, for me. You can guess who the villain is, the chase is fun though. For a YA mystery, this is a good story. Diadem of Death carries more puzzle solving than mystery. I am glad that Terry did not venture into a triangular relationship, very mature. It has excitement, intrigue and a lot of running around.

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Since no one really found where Cleopatra and Mark Anthony was buried, so this was quite a good theory and a good place to end a chase. How do you wear a diadem? I am not sure, but here is one I found while perusing Amazon (yes affiliated). Ravenclaw’s Diadem, ain’t it pretty?


Diadem of Ravenclaw