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Makeup Brushes : Why they are an Investment

2017-03-27 10.14.33
suddenly I have 2

Makeup Brushes : How I have 2

Walking into a pharmacy one day, the bigger box of Model Co brushes had a AUD9.90 tag on. Upon closer inspection, the price before the discount : AUD50. Like every good bargain hunter/ beauty wannabee, I bought it. Makeup brushes are useful, because those makeup sponge tip does not always give you a look that you are going for. And brushes are easier to clean and dry, so it is a good buy generally.

By the way, this photo does not include the set that I have currently. I am looking to throw those away, as they are more than five years old. Prince Brat is four already, so that means they are closer to six than five. The bristles are going anyway.

Here a photo of the Model Co brushes

2017-03-27 10.16.01

And the Purple gift brushes that I got free with purchase, sometimes loyalty does have it perks.
2017-03-27 10.14.42

While not all of the brushes are the same, I can tell you now that even the quality is different. Yes, the ModelCo I did pay less than 10, but it is a discounted price. When I touch the bristles, they are soft and none of it falls out. Same goes for the purple gift, but you will notice that the brush heads are not as full looking, and there is a sponge applicator and an eyebrow comb. Running my finger over the bristles, they are slightly coarse. Until I try them out for a good amount of time, I cannot say much about these two.

By Experience

You get what you pay for in terms of makeup brushes usually. Yes, you will find bargains now and again, but there is good reasons why some brushes are more expensive than others. Mainly is the quality of the package. I have tried Nude’s kabuki brush, it costs a pretty penny but it is so soft and as long as you clean it right and dry it well, the brush lasts a good while.

I do have free brush sets, and I have thrown a lot away, as they just fall apart. I am not saying that all cheap makeup brushes will do it, but the risk is higher there. No matter expensive or cheap, maintaining the brushes is an important step in promoting longevity.

Which means, please do not clean your brushes with dish washing detergent or body wash, it’s not on and it ruins the whole thing.

Take it from the idiot (me).

Just lucky that I actually experimented on cheap gift brushes.

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Bourjois : Liner Feutre Felt Tip Eyeliner Review

2017-03-27 10.16.56
Bourjois Felt Tip Eyeliner

Bourjois, I’m back for more

I got this because I wanted the free birthday gift, which is a set of travel brushes. It is from my favorite online shopping place. Let’s be honest, eyeliners are hard to buy, there are so many but only a fraction actually works well, and within that only a few that actually lasts.

Bourjois Liner Pinceau Liquid Eyeliner still reigns supreme, by a lot. The liquid eyeliner lasts a good eight hours when I last had it. Naturally, I assumed that the staying power would be comparable for the felt tip one. My laziness also was a major factor in me picking this one over the fine brushed liquid, because felt tip is just easier to use.

2017-03-27 10.23.54

The tip is not rock hard, but firm enough for amateurs to get a good line. It is easy to use, but only if you know what you are doing. The tip does not give you a smooth line if you press too hard or just simply uncoordinated. The trick is to do dash lines, and gently close them up.

It will take some practice, trust me you will get beautiful line soon enough with this pen.

When I drew my line, I was impressed. The color is dark and bold for a black, and seems flattering on me.

2017-03-27 10.26.02
Cat eyes, not bad eh?

 The bad

My Head Looks Big @_@

It does not last!
I could forgive if this could last me long enough so I do not have to reapply while I am at work, say ten hours. I have had brands that easily last until I take it off at night. You can see that the line has all but faded around the corners, and this is a mere three hours later.

It boasts long lasting, but it isn’t. Very disappointed in the “long lasting” claim on the eyeliner. For the same price, I would go back to the liquid liner. Now I will be using that as a calligraphy pen … hmm that ain’t a bad idea.

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Questing For : Eyeliners & Part Review

Eyeliner is my problem makeup essential

Do you remember your first make up fail or makeup item? I do, and they are both the same thing: eyeliners. My first fail was looking like a racoon after the liner traveled. Of course, my first one would have to be your humble and simple eyeliner pencil.


Nars Eyeliner Pencil

As eyeliners go, there are many types, and eyeliner pencil is the most common. A cheap one would be like Sephora’s, but it is reasonable in quality. If you want to go high end, there is NARS. But I have left the eyeliner pencil boat a long time ago. Because somehow I couldn’t get it to stay for me.

Then I tried Kajal

Givenchy : Magic Kajal

If you are not familiar, Kajal is a Hindi word. This is made out of kohl stone, and some say it is synonymous to kohl, others object to it. Like Kohl eyeliners, Kajal comes in waterproof and normal, depending on the formulation and percentage. You can buy Kajal cheap from eBay, or invest in good brands like Givenchy’s above. I do have to warn you, if your eyeliner travels when you use the eyeliner pencils, I would do a trial.

No matter what claims those shops had with this product, once tried always regret! That’s for me, thankfully, good brands do not mind to let you try. In the end, I have to give up hoping that this is my holy grail.

My first success… most expensive one to date

Desperate in my search, I went into a Napoleon Perdis stall. This is not the most expensive brand, but it is certainly close.

NP China Doll Gel Eyeliner

I will admit that for the price, it is worth it. I was taught not to dip my brush directly into it, but to pick some up and put it on my hands. That way the gel wouldn’t get contaminated by bacteria on my skin, and the gel would remain fluid via the warmth of the body. But I think the biggest draw for me was the fact that it lasted whole day, around fourteen to sixteen hours. I kid you not, twelve hour shifts + travel time was about that.

So if you are looking for a good gel eyeliner, definitely invest in a good one. Because the Maybelline gel eyeliner, which was more than half the price, lasted only three hours. Not only lasting power, NP’s formulation stayed pristine until the very end, of course you do have to screw the cover back on properly. But hey, two plus years of daily use is pretty good.

Then I got lazy and tried liquid

It’s all good and fun when I was at home, playing with make up like a ten year old. Come travelling time, the gel had a drawback: I need a brush. It is good to have a separate brush, one that you can clean after use. I also bought my first eyeliner brush from NP, the bristles are awesome, and they allow me to draw a fine line. For gel eyeliners, fine lines can be a challenge without a good brush.

Which is why I bought liquid eyeliner

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner

After Napoleon Perdis, I firmly believe in trying out my makeups, and going known brands. Estee Lauder did not disappoint, but my wallet hurts. This one has less drying time than most drug store eyeliners, so if you are a touch and go person, consider drying time.

The fine brush in a tube means you will get finer lines, so long as you practice. Those Youtubers have been practicing hard, that’s why they make it look so effortless. Normal humans like you and I, we can get to that level by sheer determination.  However, you can practice with cheap drug store brand, and invest in good brands when you are proficient. No point wasting the good stuff yeh?

Why trying is good : L’ Oreal Gel Intenza 36H eyeliner review


I bought this for half price, at less than AUD15 after discount. It sounded really good to me, because it boasted to last up to 36 hours if you do not remove it first. I was keen, if this is cheaper and lasts long, it could be such a great buy.

Ah, well…

Proof that not eyeliners are made equal. This picture is not taken immediately after applying, neither did I smudge on a whole lot. Simply put, gel intenza has a crazy long drying time, like I do not know how long. I had once applied eyeliner, went to do my brows and lipstick before returning to pat on some eyeshadow. The result was horrendous, the gel didn’t dry!

Not to mention, it travels. Thumbs down, down down.

I have nothing good to say about Gel Intenza, not even that it was cheap. Half price was a store special, and hence the recommended retail price is too expensive, too much for this lousy effect.

So here are the few types of eyeliners in the market, from the humble eyeliner to the skill hungry liquid, which is your favorite? Do you have a method you use to make it stay?

I know that some of you consider eye shadow as a way to line your eyes, I acknowledge that. However eye shadow can be multitasking, unlike these that are mainly used to draw on eyes (sometimes eyebrows I think).

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Lacura Stepping Out Makeup Applicator

2017-03-06_02-07-54Lacura is Aldi’s homebrand for beauty and makeup stuff

I have been wanting this since it appeared on Aldi’s catalogue last month, usually the remaining stock will have a slightly reduced price. After waiting for four weeks, because I was too lazy to make a special trip just for this, I got the electronic make-up applicator for $9.95 AUD, it’s not bad from the original price.

The unit comes with a cover, instructions and five applicators: 3 sponge and 2 fluffy pillows. The first main flaw is the sticky back of the sponge, which will adhere to the plastic unit of the applicator. I am not sure how many washes that back can last, already I am happy with the fact that this was a cheap buy.

It has two speed, fast and slow. The instructions say to use slow for medium and high coverage of foundation, and fast for powder and light coverage. Motor is not very strong, so I had to be gentle. Basically just hold the unit and let the tapping do the work. I tried to apply a little force, and the motor almost stopped.


I used my Laneige BB cream to test this out, the sponge is pretty normal. After letting the sponge take some of the BB Cream, no more than my usual amount if I were to use the cushion. Then I used a setting powder to try out the fluffy sponge. Honestly the fluffy sponge was useless, because it ain’t fluffy!!


Given Aldi’s nightmarish returns policy, I was happy just to try and see if this was a good product. Well, can’t expect too much from a cheap item. I did like the coverage it provided me with the foundation, but the powder stage is a disappointment. Yes, there are a lot of better make-up applicators out there, but honestly, have to give these small names a try yes?

I think I will need a good foundation soon, the BB cream can’t hide my sleep deprivation….

2017-03-06_02-07-12I wonder how long will it take for the Lacura Stepping Out to die?

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Questing For : Makeup Foundation

Foundation, my questing prize!

I threw away my last foundation and primer, it was lousy, despite being Covergirl. By that I mean it lasted half and hour. And the shade no longer fit me. I had turned a deathly shade of pale, mainly due to hiding from the sun too much during the forty degree heat (not Fahrenheit, Celsius!). Ever time I go back to Malaysia, I have envious looks from my relatives, Prince Brat too! we are like the fairest of them all, I hope no one gives us any poison apples soon. Trouble with me and foundation is my laziness.

I haven’t been using any makeup, and I think most of it is due to be thrown away Q.Q. I am writing this post in hope that someone may take pity on me and suggest a good and reasonably priced foundation.

What I tried

Maybelline Liquid Mousse

I had this liquid mousse for a while, it was more curiosity how it works. I applied it using my fingers, since I didn’t own a beauty blend then. The liquid mousse when on smoothly, and it blended quite well. Unfortunately it did not last the 16 hours as it claims. How I know? I worked twelve- hour shifts then, so by the time I return home, there were no foundation left.

It did say for normal skin, so probably it had run away with my face oil. Bleh

MAC Studio Powder Plus Foundation

I am not sure if Amazon sells the original stuff, but you can visit the store here (not affiliated) and see for yourself. This Studio powder plus is a medium matte coverage that doubles as a face powder. So you won’t have to add more during the day. For me, it was a one layer application, since I am a fan of light to medium coverage. Lasted a long time, even with daily use, actually about eight months…

For durability, I would say pretty good, at least it stayed on for the twelve hour shifts.

After that, I am using  BB Cream because I had no more decent foundation left, and was too lazy to get some more. I could get them online, but everyone knows that you need to try them on for the correct match. At present, I am getting away with BB cream, but will need a better coverage product one day.

What I feel like trying

Clinique’s Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup

Apparently is a gel- cream that can control oil and sheen, promising matte and satin finish. It also had been tested against fading and streaking, so I am curious to see how it holds up to its promise.

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

Max Factor boasts a nude and natural finish with its multi- tonal pigments. It is also water base, so I am keen on trying this foundation. Although I am not sure how it would last being a water based product. Maybe I could use a setting spray.

As there are so many in the market, does anyone has one to recommend?