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Black Jade : Book Review

Prince Brat says I read too much

Black Jade is the last of them… I hope

Here is the cover of it, without Prince Brat photobombing my book.

Black Jade
Author: Kylie Chan
Series: Celestial Battle Trilogy (Book 3)
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Genre: fantasy, Chinese culture, myth
ISBN-13: 978-0062329103

Starting from her Dark Heavens series, Kylie Chan made her debut with White Tiger. Now the story I hope ends with Black Jade, because I can read the tiredness from this book. The characters are tired, the story needs to end, it has been dragging for ages! Emma has been through Dark Heavens trilogy, Journey to Wudang Trilogy and now the Celestial Battle trilogy. My patience with the series is wearing thin, and the characters seem to be lacking some shine that they had in the first few books.

I do have to admire the author’s skill to keep everything consistent, especially when there are so many growth and characters. However, all good set of characters and setting has to end somehow. The reluctance of this author to let her baby go can be worrying, it is like Sherlock Holmes keeps trying to solve more mysteries.

Like I said, this book felt tired. While the characters and settings are still consistent and the story fairly straight, you can feel the lethargy with the shortcuts and the lack of certain details. After reading all eight of her previous books, I will confess I like this book the least. Even in Black Jade, I could see that the story should end, but the author stubbornly tries to keep it alive.


Disappointing, instead of a good closure and good bye, I got a premise for another series/ book. After nine books, three trilogies, I want to rest. I want to be rewarded for my loyalty, saying good bye and have a nice life, not see you next book! Well, the heroine wasn’t that super that I want to see her again.

The most disappointing thing? I actually waited all these years, and not get an ending.


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Frostblood (Frostblood Saga 1 ) Review

Author: Elly Blake
Series: The Frostblood Saga 1
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 978-0316273251

Frost Blood vs Frostblood

The cover I got from the library is a rose covered with ice, it is not as cool looking as the top one, which looks eerily like Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series. Thankfully, the contents are pretty different, I think 😉 honestly there similarities when you compare both stories, but hey what else is new nowadays right? No, they are both books that are worth your time, and Ruby and Mare Barrow are different types of heroines.

2017-02-13_08-22-34 I wasn’t looking for a new book to read, only that it was sitting on the shelf, and I had read a few positive reviews for Frostblood. If it isn’t an invitation to read, what is?  I never did learn Ruby’s last name, not sure if she actually has one, or it is a secret till the last moment. All her life, she had to suppress her powers, less people know of her abilities and try to get her killed. She is in the wrong country after all, Fireblood and Frostblood are at war, and she’s on Frostblood territory.

If you are asking why she’s on the wrong land, beats me. Turns out that the history that Ruby knows is somewhat wrong, and the real version is much more interesting. Together with Arcus, Ruby tries to overthrow that blood thirsty king that was threatening her life. Arcus is a grumpy guy with a one track mind, but he does soften for Ruby. The ending is pretty cool, something that prepares us for her next book.


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It might be unfair to compare it with Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen, Frostblood is a different story after all. Both girls have powers they both love to suppress, they are in very different circumstance. If you love the Red Queen series, you will like Ruby in Frostblood, so feisty and full of fire.

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Forests of the Fae: The Raven Queen Review

Forests of the Fae: The Raven Queen
Author: K Kibbee
Series: Forests of the Fae #2
Genre: YA, fairies, adventure, fantasy
Publisher: Incorgnito Publishing Press
ISBN-13: 978-1944589202

The Raven Queen needs help

I received this book in exchange for a fair review.

I have reviewed Devlin’s Door before, but on another blog. The first book of the Forest of Fae series was interesting and exciting, where Anne found a new world and friend. Towards the end of Devlin’s Door, Anne realizes that her friend Grace had been replaced.

Now, in Raven Queen, Anne learns how devious that impostor can be, the changeling is turning everyone against her. Plus, she misses Grace, whom is stuck in Forest of Fae. There is only one thing to do: get that diary and open the portal. Only by going back to the forest, would Anne be able to save her new friend.

The book has two narratives, it flips back and forth between Anne and Grace. It is easy to follow both characters as they have distinctly different voices, and have different descriptions of their environment. From the beginning, you know that there is a race against time: Grace might not survive for long.

It took a lot of planning, and a lot of luck for Anne to out smart the fake Grace. At the same time, Grace learns a lot about Forest of Fae, and the history behind some events. No doubt that some of the pieces will fit in the next book, that much I am sure.

The story ends in somewhat of a cliffhanger, but at a good/ suitable place. I have been running up and down with Anne and Grace, so a little rest is good.


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It is fairies against a ghost, and changeling against a girl. The Raven Queen ups the ante, and the next book will be explosive. Anne and Grace’s friendship was tested in this book, and their loyalty will be rewarded (I hope) with some good news in the next installment.

You do have to read Devlin’s Door to be able to follow The Raven Queen. And if you are a fan of evil fairies and dangerous adventures, definitely worth your time.

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When Darkness Falls by Ellen Chauvet : Review

When Darkness Falls
Author: Ellen Chauvet
Series: 1st Vampire Redemption Story
Genre: vampire, romance, fantasy
Publisher: Relentlessly Creative Books
ISBN-13: 978-1942790051

My first DNF 2017

Even when I rated books poorly, I have always finished reading them. It is a sign of respect to the authors, who made every effort to put words down on paper, and courage to publish it. As a book reviewer, I understand the hard work, and would try my best to like the books I read, or at least have an open mind.

Which is why, with sadness, I present to you my first DNF for the year. I am devastated myself, because I had tried to like it. But I have been spoiled with good books, and now I have a lower tolerance to poorly written ones.

Why I didn’t finish

1. The conversations are dull, and it didn’t help me relate to any of the characters, To be honest, if I do not pay attention, the whole thing blurs into a monologue.

2. Too much talking! Even then, the author managed to tell everything rather than show. From “I am sad that you lied to me” to “why you lie to me?”. Well… why can’t Lexie just slap the offending liar for a change?

3. She likes to take short cuts, but waste valuable pages and words explaining things rather than letting readers take a journey with Lexie and Etienne. Dead friend left a puzzle, so vampire just pry out answer using compulsion, problem solved. Where is the excitement of taking readers throughout Paris? I would have loved that, instead all I got was a runaround, because Lexie is on a mission.

4. Predictable plot, story and characters. I know that people say everything under the sun has been written, but trust me, you can do better than recycling the same story again.

5. Nothing in this book is unique, it was as if she picked parts that she liked from books she read and mashed them all together. For example, LJ Smith’s Vampire Diaries uses Vervain to resist compulsion, When Darkness Falls using Verveine to do that. If the eye roll was not enough, at least I know why VD has vervain, in this one, no history whatsover. Anita Blake has Pomme de Sang, this one has Amant de Sang.

The author said that she read a lot of vampire romance books, her work shows exactly that, not in a good way as well.


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If you are looking for a story synopsis or more information, I cannot provide you. I really stopped reading before halfway, because I cannot be bothered reading it. The characters I do not relate, the story I have read a hundred times (give or take) and worse of all, the style is not my type.

Sad as it is, I commend the effort.

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The Raven King : Book Review

The Raven King 
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Series: The Raven Cycle 4
Publisher: Scholastic Press; First Edition edition
Genre: Fantasy, YA

The Epic Ending

The last book of the series, The Raven Cycle series is one that you either love or hate. I have always belonged in the Love Group (one of the reasons is because Paper Fury will burn me alive if I don’t, joke), frankly I love the complicated relationship between Blue and the Aglionby Boys, plus that anticipated kiss. Throughout the series, I learned a lot from Maggie as a writer, her characters are special, her world building is marvelous.

Almost made me look for my own Glendower on a ley line, but I am relatively sure Adelaide doesn’t have that King. May be I can find someone magically, maybe an Aboriginal Spirit whom I can ask. The ending was not my favorite, but it works and ties in well with the series as a whole. The story finally ends, the questions that I had finally had answers. Those who have joined the Blue since days of the Raven Boys will know about the prophesy, and in Raven King, I was dreading it.

What started off as an obsession had turned into a need. In Raven King, Glendower must be found to right some wrongs. The team is still clinging on to the hope that the King would grant a wish. While I knew who would wish for what, with the bigger question of who will find it? My money was on Gansey, because he was the one who had started it all, seemed only fair that he gets to find Glendower.

The characters have grown much, Ronan’s demons no longer haunt him as much, Adam has finally accepted the darker part of himself. As the final book, The Raven King gives a sense of closure, and no promises of return. That is cool, because I get to lay my thoughts to rest.


You have to read The Raven Cycle from the first book: the Raven Boys to fully appreciate the Raven King. I loved every minute when I spent time saying good bye to the characters. Especially Ronan, because he is one whom I could relate to the most. No, I am not a dream thief, but I understand his longing. Overall, a satisfying ending for a great series.

Happy New Year 2017

I had decided to review this book for the start, because I have put it off long enough. This is the year that I will decide if blogging is good for me. My intention is to make blogging work for me, because I am sick of looking for jobs. I lost my job when I had Princess Brat, because the hospital did not renew the contract with my employer. It sucks, but things happen.

If I could make this work via affiliate or sponsors, that would be great. If not, I do not think I can fund this passion of mine any longer, time is really the issue at hand. Basically, my aim is to reach 1000 followers by September, which is when I need to pay my host. Failing my target would be the end of my blogging career, which would be a shame.

New Year Resolution!

Be a successful blogger! If you have any tips for me, comment below.