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Beautiful People : August Edition

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Beautiful People : For Writers and Dreamers

The answers for these questions are for one of my main characters: Christopher. He is a detective and I need to flesh him out a little more. Aside from the six pack and a good tan, I think he has to be a lot more than just eye- candy to be a detective… so without further ado…

I have done Beautiful People blog hop before, you can read it here (March. And another here. Then I got lazy, with travelling and kids.

What are they addicted to/can’t live without?

He is addicted to prescription medication, at this rate I think it should be a sleeping pill rather than a painkiller. I haven’t decided yet, but he cannot live without *hmmm* going to the gym.

Name 3 positive and 3 negative qualities about your character.

3 Positives : courageous, determined, careful
3 negatives: racist, chauvinistic, messy

Are they holding onto something they should get rid of?

A grudge, definitely emotional baggage…

If 10 is completely organized and 1 is completely messy, where do they fall on the scale?

Probably a 3, bad enough that other people does his organizing for him in the office.

What most frustrates them about the world they live in?

So many Asians, quote politician Pauline Hanson (she’s a real person): Asian Invasion. That and Dominos Pizza is shrinking.

How would they dress for a night out? How would they dress for a night in?

On summers night it would be just shorts for a night IN. For a night out, a black shirt with jeans, because he can.

How many shoes do they own, and what kind?

Asics running shoes, a black dress shoe and loafers/ slippers whatever you call them.

Do they have any pets? What pet do they WISH they had?

He is not a pet person, due to the nature of his work. But he might wish he has a pet Rottweiler to watch his back.

Is there something or someone that they resent? Why and what happened?

His ex-wife who had ran off with an Asian (he never knew exactly which nationality) pilot.

What’s usually in their fridge or pantry?

Protein bars and more protein bars…

I need your help!

Suggest something that I could change in the list, and I might consider it. IF my book ever gets published I promise to put your name on the thank list =d

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Onyx Webb the Finale : Book Review

Onyx Webb: Book Ten: Episodes 29, 30, 31 & 32 Kindle Edition
Author: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz
Genre: paranormal, romance, ghost, thriller

Onyx Webb : The Finale

It was meant to end, because Onyx and Noah finally were happy, The Southern Gentleman slipped up during his quest, and the loose ends were finally beginning to be tied up. Book Nine was not that far ago, back in May. The story had been steadfastly moving towards the end since book one. I am sad to see it end, though I am sure that Richard and Andrea will be starting a new series soon.

A writer never stops writing, I think.

The Story

Onyx Webb is the name of the supposedly main character Onyx Webb, but in truth it is not just about her. From book one, there have been multiple characters, starting with the disappearance of a girl: Juniper Cole. The first few books have different timelines, but had since converged into one main timeline around book 5. The Leg Collector’s obsession, Koda Mulvaney’s brush with paranormal and a killer nun are just one of the events that happened in relation to her, directly or indirectly.

They are also multiple story lines, Onyx Webb is not just a ghost story. It also has mystery and puzzles, and I do love my puzzles. My favorite part would be when Newt showed up, the genius boy who managed to solve a lot of cold cases for the police. Then the ghosts start appearing.

By twist of fate, the authors skillfully avoided telling who which ones are not alive. Aside from Onyx, it is a guessing game for some of the characters in the book. Some I figured out, others were a surprise. If ghosts are real, I definitely want to be like Onyx.

Ten Stories On…

It is okay to doubt that all ten books in the series might flop somewhere. Thankfully and amazingly, I loved all ten books. I love the time I spent with Onyx, but actually I spent more time swooning about Newt and Koda. It was a great pleasure being part of a scene in parts, other times it was more as a spectator.

And it takes a lot of planning to reach this level: ten books that consistently delivers awe, surprise and “oh my god where’s the rest?” Not many books do that, usually by book four I’m already moving on… So, this alone, is a feat worthy of the gods. Even Harry Potter only have seven books right?


If you are starting to read Onyx Webb now, lucky you.. because you don't have to wait in suspense like I… Click To Tweet
Wiffle Gif

Oh, the best way to describe how I am feeling at the moment.


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DB Designer Brands : Lash Primer Review

Designer Brand Lash Primer

IMG_20170709_182211863DB Lash Primer was a free gift, as you can see from the sticker near the top. If you must know, I got this because it was lying lonely in the GWP bin, unwanted for a while. I asked and got it after my shop there. It is a curious thing, this primer, as it boasts to help you have fuller and thicker lash. Apparently it will help your mascara stay on longer too.

All White!

The lash primer is white, the bottle to the inner brush and product. All white, hey don’t blame me from being skeptical okay? I have not have much success using DB products, I just find that they do not last very long for me. But for the price, it is a great place to start learning how to put make up on.

Their formulation is not bad, formulated in Australia but made in Taiwan. I do not mind that country, as it has pretty high quality products in beauty industry. I am amazed however, the DB brand is actually cruelty free and vegan, it means a lot as Taiwan does not actively participate in stopping animal testing.

Lash Primer Review

The website boasts that it has

high-tech formula infused with antioxidants, Green Tea and Coenzyme Q10.

Which I have trouble believing, because what do they do actually? Lashes are proteins, and what research shows that it helps? It also says that this can be a treatment to repair lashes.

Personally, I do not believe that it does and will work. Mainly because I have no idea how the green tea works to make the mascara stay on. Imagine the caffeine telling the mascara to work on, stay on is … not working for me.

The CoQ10 I understand, because it is a building block of sorts for proteins and stuff.  Other ingredients in this lash primer that sounds promising are panthenol, retinol, and peptide infusion. Using it, I do not see any interesting changes on my lash.

I struggle to recommend this, however for the price of AUD 9, it is certainly not a painful thing if you did buy to try.


Image from Strawberrynet, as is the link

This Clinique Lash Building Primer is at least ophthalmology tested, and judging by the reviews it does do what it is made for. However, this is not a cruelty free brand (still?) because it sells to China, which requires animal testing done.

Rant Alert

Seriously, if you are asking why animal testing is still a requirement, my guess is money. That country is all about profiteering and cares nothing about well being of humans. If it were not for those greedy manufacturers, who put melamine into baby formula, Australian parents wouldn’t have to suffer not having baby formula for babies. Read about it here...

Not only this, there have been records that drugs (addictive drugs) are added into foods, so that you keep coming back for more. Pretty sure BBC is a good source. . Worst still, it is still the largest black market for organ trafficking. So for a country that does a lot worse, do not expect them to suddenly be kind to animals, because it cannot even be kind to its own citizens.

Rant End
still strawberrynet

Blinc Lash Primer also has good reviews, and this brand is registered in PETA as cruelty free brand.  The formula has vitamin E, and does not have fragrances and dye. If this colorless one is not for you, they have a black lash primer, which helps mascara have a voluminous effect.


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Christine Feehan Back2Back Book Review

Christine Feehan’s Sea Haven Series Vs Dark Carpathian

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I read Sea Haven Series Air Bound, then I saw this and borrowed because I was on a roll! She writes many other series aside from the Dark Carpathian’s, but mostly the books are fantasy genre, romantic and definitely hot.


The Similarities

Air Bound from Amazon

Air Bound and Dark Carousel both have really macho males, the kind that to put it bluntly: chauvinistic to the core. Maxim Prakenskii and Tariq Asenguard may be born in different centuries, but bet your bottom dollar these two would be like annoyingly protective and macho when danger comes knocking.

Similarly, the female protagonist aren’t weak and waiting to be saved either. I like how Airiana Ridell (Air Bound) and Charlotte Vintage (Dark Carousel) frequently saving their men’s asses in various occasions. In Air Bound, Maxim kidnaps Airiana, because he was paid to. While moving to Dark Carousel, Tariq saw his lifemate courting danger.

The fighting scene in the book is more fun in Air Bound, because both Airiana and Maxim are air elements. While Tariq now enlists his brothers in blood to help fight against Vadim Malinov’s legion. By now, you can guess that both books are not that standalone. You do need to read the previous few books, and in case of the Dark Carpathian series, at least a few books back.


I wish I could say that she writes the same old story, so it lessens the pain of me writing this. But Christine Feehan is an experienced writer who knows what she is doing. She mixes in just enough of old and new to make me go back again and again, yet her stories make my eyes rolls.

Come on, can’t a girl initiate sex for once? Not that often if you are in her fantasy world, where either the guy starts it or somehow ignites into a flurry of passion. Burn baby burn! And worse, I cannot ever compete with the amount of orgasms the girls are having in one session. Some times I wish I’m in a fantasy world, where climaxing together is a common occurrence during sexual intercourse.

Oh yes, that is the reason I keep coming back. The story is nothing to crow about, however I like the one in Air Bound. If I have to pick a favorite Feehan series, it will either be the Drake Sisters or the Sea Haven series. Oh I did read all seven Drake Sisters book, Elle’s is my favorite by far. I will be looking forward to the next Sea Haven book, because I think the next sister is pretty sassy and snarky.

As for the Dark Carpathians, I still do not know why I keep borrowing it.

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L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert Review

L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert

L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert has been released in some countries already, but here in Australia it is going to be a new product, and I get to try it *yay*

my sample of warm brunette

I got chosen for trial in Beauty Heaven, picking Warm Brunette as my preferred shade. To me, the three shade options looked the same brown, but I am wrong because I’m not a very detailed person. I am happy though, because I have been using the same old Kate Kanebo brow palette for years!

How It LooksIMG_20170725_144557491


Just like any brow pencil I suppose. The Brow Artist has a rotating cylinder that brings up more of the product as you go along. This is after I accidentally dropped it, and the top broke off. As you can see, the rest of it is intact.

At the bottom, where my hand partially covers it, is the brush. Simple design of the name on the side. No flashy pictures of bling, kind of like a plain Jane. And the cover of the pencil is the color of the shade, which I think it’s a good idea. Overall I approve of the seemingly boring design, because we all cannot judge a pencil by its cover.

The Review

Post- cleanse face…

I wasn’t going anywhere so I didn’t bother to do up my face before using the pencil. If you are doing makeup, I guess it is up to you when you want to do your brows. My usual routine is brows first, that way I can still look proper even without eye make on. Nowadays, eye shadows go last for me, time is of the essence and that is not the most important place *for me* to color in.

A good lippie can draw the attention away from boring eyes, not that I am trying to make people notice me. All I need for a proper looking face is brows and lips, though I am sure that some people would disagree. So tell me which is more important to you.

after pencil before brush

Yes, I know it looks really awful! I was tempted to ditch this by washing it off, but I decided to give it a brush. The formulation of the pencil is good: smooth easy strokes without pulling or hitching. You would be happy to know that this is even better that using the brow pallete! Well, to me anyway.

I can’t do an close up, because there was a baby trying to climb on my legs. I could draw this in 10 seconds, so bravo.

ain’t half bad? After brush

My brows definitely looked more filled it and natural, compared to the photo above (right?). This is after just a around four brush strokes, I hesitated to do a fifth. The overall look is good, because it does look slightly filled in but not like I had drawn it in with a crayon.


I love it! The Brow Artist is here to stay! It is also travel friendly because it is a pencil with brush in the end. But my Kate Kanebo Eye Brow N Palette does have one distinct advantage over it. The N palette can double as a contouring palette, while this is a professional eye brow beautifier.

Glad I have both now =D