Trip Back to Malaysia and Back Again

Trip Back and Back Again

princess brat’s first flight. I survived

Recently I made a trip home back to Malaysia to see my parents, and then to Taipei in Taiwan. It was originally a fun and exciting holiday, except everyone got sick in Taipei. As I don’t have any photos taken from my trip in Taiwan, I would post mainly on the first leg of my journey

If you want to know more, comment and I’ll write up a post!

Malaysian Trip

My husband’s first must to was to get his feet cleaned by fish, such places exist and is called a Fish Spa. Usually these tropical fish will eat the dead skin surrounding the feet, if you put your hands in it will eat it too, but feet is more of a fun torture.

fish eating my dead skin

Because us humans think that fish love eating our dead skin. Well, this species seems to like it a lot, I have encountered wild types of the same species in Sabah, in one of the waterfalls near Poring Hot Springs. If you go into the water fall, they will come swarming and picking nibbles at you. I cannot imagine I taste good though. Definitely not recommended for ticklish people, they are extremely so.


Then it was a short sprint back to where I was born, a small town called Taiping. I was hoping to show my kids and (very ignorant husband) my grandparent’s livelihood when they were young. My maternal family (both her sides) were in the charcoal business, except if I recall her mom’s side sold it off in favor of plantation some time later. Yes, charcoal, the mangrove type. If you are interested let me know and I’ll put up a separate post about it. My mom even does craft with it.

Prince Brat posing before a kiln

Following an accidental promise that we would take him to the zoo, Prince Brat decided to bug us every minute until we arrive at our destination. Taiping Zoo remains the oldest Zoo in Malaysia, because the town was the country’s capital before Kuala Lumpur took its mantel (history lesson).  But, it was hot and humid, luckily we managed to catch a sad looking diesel engine train to take us around.

crocodile is this big!
crocodile is this big!

It has obviously doubled in size since my last visit at age 6? But the animals in there remain sad and depressed as ever, their enclosures poorly maintained and filled with algae (ewww). Sometimes I wonder if they would just chuck carcasses of dead animals to the crocs, because it seems that those reptiles were strangely well fed, as were the lions. The stench of the zoo was unbearable as well, even Prince Brat was disappointed and became disinterested quickly.

Well, until we saw an elephant swimming in its special trough for fun. Interestingly, the elephants’ enclosure is the only structure that remains the same after all these years. I do remember because we used to shake hands with the lovely animals over the steel gate. They are real gentle giants.


Of course, nothing is more important than shopping. This is the only beauty product I got from Malaysia…


As you know I am a huge follower of sheet mask, found it in Daiso, Malaysia. I haven’t been to thIMG_20170521_151714194e Adelaide branch so I do not know if they sell everything the same. But this silicone mask holds your sheet mask to prevent dehydration. With the ear loop, you can finally walk around the house, scaring everyone witless with your new look.

I haven’t tried it yet, seeing that I am sick, I have no need to walk around looking like a ghost. I am already haggard enough to scare my kids.


But there will be a review, as I have been ill and tired, please bear with me and thank you for your patience.

Peace out!

And do take care of yourselves, so hard to get rid of a cold when you get one.

Trip to Taiwan, stay tuned
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3 Stuffs That Blows My Mind!

New Stuffs that Blow My Mind

I know that some of these stuffs are not brand new, as in just came out of the oven. But they still seem new to me, so they are in the list.

Image from Charlotte Tilbury

Dry Mask… you read that right! Dry, not wet with liquid but dry. It boasts to work for up to eight hours after you take it off! Quoted by Charlotte Tilbury website, you can even use it thrice at it is dry, and will have less places for bacteria to grow. Plus, it is great for travelling, not having gooey stuff dripping every where right? Getting of the plane looking awesome is not a dream now.

At USD 35 per mask, that better be multi-use. Buy Link here, not affiliated.

Moschino Bag

Moschino Should Bag

This $850 Capsule collection from Moschino is something that I will never ever recommend people to buy. I am an avid Feng shui follower, and one of the important mantra is not to dress trashy. Imagine all the bad luck following this pretty interesting thing around.

Same goes for ripped jeans and shirt, a lot of people would think that it is nothing. For Feng Shui, it attracts negative energy hence will effectively make your luck worse. Well, buying this bag will definitely make my finances turn worse.

Meat That is Not Meat


In the quest of finding a way to feed the world, many companies try to focus on producing food that is nutritious and sustainable. Often that means plant based protein, like soy and hemp. Rice is more starch than protein, while eggs and meat comes from an animal, which some considers carbon footprint and cost.

So, soylent is GMO and has a lot of nutrients added into the mix. Consider this a soy drink that has everything you need on the go. Another thing to note, is that this is not really the newest thing that blows my mind, it is just how it is going to be.

Sooner or later, I’m going to be eating soy meat and not know it. That, is what blows my mind.

Is man trying to play God?

This is kind of funny, considering man has been playing God for a long time now. They use God as an excuse to kill people in Salem. And men also selectively bred animals and plants to their own liking, if it were up to nature, I am sure things a lot different.

To say that now, is just hypocrisy I think. I think we wouldn’t be eating soy burgers while wearing trash can leather bags if we were not playing God.

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Makeup Brushes : Why they are an Investment

2017-03-27 10.14.33
suddenly I have 2

Makeup Brushes : How I have 2

Walking into a pharmacy one day, the bigger box of Model Co brushes had a AUD9.90 tag on. Upon closer inspection, the price before the discount : AUD50. Like every good bargain hunter/ beauty wannabee, I bought it. Makeup brushes are useful, because those makeup sponge tip does not always give you a look that you are going for. And brushes are easier to clean and dry, so it is a good buy generally.

By the way, this photo does not include the set that I have currently. I am looking to throw those away, as they are more than five years old. Prince Brat is four already, so that means they are closer to six than five. The bristles are going anyway.

Here a photo of the Model Co brushes

2017-03-27 10.16.01

And the Purple gift brushes that I got free with purchase, sometimes loyalty does have it perks.
2017-03-27 10.14.42

While not all of the brushes are the same, I can tell you now that even the quality is different. Yes, the ModelCo I did pay less than 10, but it is a discounted price. When I touch the bristles, they are soft and none of it falls out. Same goes for the purple gift, but you will notice that the brush heads are not as full looking, and there is a sponge applicator and an eyebrow comb. Running my finger over the bristles, they are slightly coarse. Until I try them out for a good amount of time, I cannot say much about these two.

By Experience

You get what you pay for in terms of makeup brushes usually. Yes, you will find bargains now and again, but there is good reasons why some brushes are more expensive than others. Mainly is the quality of the package. I have tried Nude’s kabuki brush, it costs a pretty penny but it is so soft and as long as you clean it right and dry it well, the brush lasts a good while.

I do have free brush sets, and I have thrown a lot away, as they just fall apart. I am not saying that all cheap makeup brushes will do it, but the risk is higher there. No matter expensive or cheap, maintaining the brushes is an important step in promoting longevity.

Which means, please do not clean your brushes with dish washing detergent or body wash, it’s not on and it ruins the whole thing.

Take it from the idiot (me).

Just lucky that I actually experimented on cheap gift brushes.

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Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts Hop : Reawakened

banner borrowed from

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts is originally hosted by Lexxie at (un)Conventional Bookviews, I have been meaning to do the hop, but I couldn’t find something that is fitting enough to have a grand entrance, until this:

Reawakened (The Reawakened Series)
Author: Colleen Houck
Genre: YA, adventure, fantasy

This is my mom’s favorite author, a fantasy YA author Colleen Houck likes to combine ancient mythology with modern characters. Such as this one, Reawakened is a series featuring an Egyptian Mummy Amon and modern girl Liliana Young.

From the Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts rule, it didn’t say I cannot do screenshots, so out of extreme laziness I took one. Mainly you can see the difference between the two characters: a hungry un- mummied guy versus a girl who’s looking out for her figure.

Of course, this is not the only place you would find food in the book, or the series. Egyptian dead people seem to love food a lot, and the book is peppered with danishes and fruits. As Amon and Liliana journeys to find his brothers and stop darkness from breaking into the world, a feast makes everything better.

If you are looking for a great book, this might be slightly disappointing. The story is solid, and the characters make you smile, but like most Young Adult genre, it is lacking. Somehow has big plot holes, while there are gaps in the story that should have been filled better. And then you have Liliana, who seem to be infatuated with Amon. Amon seems to be hot and cold, though being so much older I had assumed that he would be more responsible.

Problem with YA, the author tends to think like young adults (to appeal to the audience) and love trumps all is like a theme in these books. It does make the realist in me cringe, but hey, forgivable right?

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Review in History : Deadly Beauty

Deadly Beauty : looking pretty used to cost you your life

In the Western civilizations, the most memorable beauty remedy was how Cleopatra used to bath in asp’s milk. Asp or aspis are poisonous snakes that live around the Nile region. Then you had dodgy make up ingredients like lead and heavy minerals. Back then, no one knew that lead and mercury were unsafe; plus I bet no one lived long enough to suffer from the side effects anyway.

This might not be safe in the next century

What is safe? What was safe today might not be any more tomorrow. Today, we beauties focus on ‘all natural’ and organic. For the eco- warriors, the word ‘sustainable’ comes to mind. That is exactly what beauty products are made of in ancient times, all natural and organic products! But that does not mean that your lipstick isn’t going to give you cancer twenty years down the track.

People in those times died of childbirth and infection, if they wanted to slather gold onto their faces and get gold poisoning, so be it. It is not until we humans start to live longer that we see the effect of our deadly beauty regime. We can laugh, but we are not that far off.

Instead of asp, we use botox. The Romans loved to use lead on their face, white and red. They kept piling on more and more as the lead ate their faces, and then died from poisoning. The practice of using lead only fully stopped at 1906, when FDA officially banned it, along side radium baths and arsenic wafers.

What about Chinese civilization?

misc 21_01
Honey and the Bees …

In contrast to the Sumerian/ Mesopotamian/ Greek/ Roman civilizations, apparently Asians favor using flowers and animal fat to look pretty. With the exception of cinnabar, which is mercury sulfide. Cinnabar gives a bright red color, hence it is a popular rouge in ancient China. Asians did not fancy looking white like a ghost, preferring looking red as a beet. Pretty sure they drank a lot of alcohol for it too.

I think it is safe to say that pearl powder was a popular beauty item for many civilizations, along side arsenic and lead. Oh yes, the Chinese love arsenic. A lot of historical fictions favor the use of arsenic to poison enemies, as well as looking pretty. Imagine scraping some arsenic off your face to poison your enemy’s drink.

Even though Chinese make up and beauty regime is tame compared to the Western counterparts, the culture do have some seriously disturbing opinions about beauty. One classic example was the lotus feet, where females tie their feet up when they were still malleable. The result was a lotus bud looking limbs, but when you open the bandages, it will stick of rotten flesh.

A perfect reason to be thankful that the sordid practice has ended, honestly why did they think that being disabled makes you attractive? Of course, lotus feet only happens in the very rich, or in families wanting to marry well. If you are a poor farmer’s daughter, having your own feet may be a disgrace, but it means you have a certain freedom and responsibility.

The most popular beauty product in Asian civilizations could be the bird’s nest, although Chinese doctors prefer to prescribe a lot of things to keep people looking young. Almond milk, ginseng and many precious herbs were a popular recipe for good skin. A lot of rich people would use pearl powder to lighten their skin tone. The idea back then is good health was also an important factor in looking beautiful, so good food was important.

And if you read Memoir’s of a Geisha, you will probably remember Nightingale poo cream. You can still obtain the cream now, but they come from a specific bird:  the Nightingales that are native to the Japanese island of Kyushu, because they are vegan apparently. Not only that, today you have a sterilized poo that has all the bad bacteria removed. That was not the case back then, ewwww….

Beauty is Still Deadly

Honestly, if you think the age of deadly beauty is over, you are wrong.

One best example is botox. Botulium toxin is a neurotoxin that causes flaccid paralysis, it is useful medicine when used properly. Any overdose is deadly, and there is no way of reversing the effects. Another deadly thing is the fillers that doctors inject into lips, some of it can harden and cause pain. Going under the knife for procedures carries a certain risk of infection as well.

How about the days where people used to tan under the sun or solarium before they realized that the UV was giving them cancer? The Western society regards pale white skin unattractive, while the Asians wants pale white skin (why is that?). In Australia, thankfully we no longer have UV tanning beds, but the sale of tanning sprays has gone through the roof.

I am sure that there are many more deadly beauty practices that I may be forgotten, let me know in the comments below.