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Fairy Boy of Calton Hill Books 2 and 3 Review

Fairy Boy’s Adventure Continues with…

The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill Book 2
The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill Book 3

Series: Fairy Boy Chronicles
Author: Sean Paul Thomas
Genre: YA, Fantasy/ Fairies, Adventure

Book 1 review here…

I am back with Book 2 and 3 of Fairy Boy Chronicles, mainly because I have grown lazy with too many chores. Plus the story links together anyway. Life is busy at the moment, babies are hard work, and worse when they start crawling and calling out for every minor detail.

Fairy Boy 2 Review

The story picks up where it left of in Book 1, which is lucky because I read all three in the span of ten days. since this is a younger reader genre. Nothing too twisted and unpredictable, and mostly focus on importance of friendship and helping one another.

Which is why I am recommending this book, not only because it is easy to understand, but its focus. Some kid/ YA genres can be dark, while that is not a problem for an adult, you have to consider which age group you want to give to. Liam is a great hero because he’s the kind of friend that children should be taught to be.

What seemed like a good deal for Liam and friend Lucy turned sour, as they fall prey into a trap the fairy king and Zorn planned. It is a dastardly plan, no one saw it coming. After that, the story focuses more on running away from the mad King and his crazy wizard.

Through it all, Liam never lost sight of hope.

Fairy 3 Review

When things were looking up, Zorn appears, with a gift. Not the happy type of course, crazy Zorn adds to book three a deadline and a sense of urgency. Before that, a few pirate ships to pillage and burn! As Liam tries to save his friends, and get back to his own world, he has to first cross the seven seas.

Man, I love the Peter Pan reference to it. I do have the distinct feel that Fairy Boy of Calton Hill lends a lot of its ideas from Peter Pan, but this is not a rewrite. Half the fun of the book involves our hero finding ways to reach his goal without causing anyone harm (intentionally)

However, this series is far from over. The author throws a curve ball of a twist, even though it is not a cliffhanger ending, I pine for more. As our hero (heroes) are still stuck in trouble, it will be awhile before they face the enemy/ final boss. There is also an air of mystery surrounding the Fairy King and Zorn, why are they such assholes?

All the reasons to read Fairy Boy Chronicles, Liam has definitely grown and still maturing over the three books. He knows his mission, but is lost on how to achieve it. He a strong and likable hero you will want your children to know.


The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill just keeps getting more exciting and unpredictable, even for an adult. Your kid will thank you.

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Champions: At Fire’s End

Champions: At Fire’s End
Author: Charlotte Jain
Series: Champions series 1
Genre: YA, fantasy, action

Champions of ?

At the start of the book, there is a brief explanation on how four babies were born and selected to become representatives for the Gods and Titans. This provide the basis and the whole book revolves around these beings who were tired of being at war. So somehow, four people go involved in this all or nothing, through no fault of their own.

The story starts with Kyle battling it out with his friend April, guided by God Ares. The scene is impressive, Fire and Water sparring for strength. It provides a promise that this story is going to be good, or at least exciting. This also gives the impression, telling me that if you are a Percy Jackson fan, you might like it. These two know their fate, and are training to avoid losing the fight.

It is all fine and dandy. Except these two are also dreamers, hence we have conflict number 2. By now, this is becoming a book for younger audience. Further along confirms my doubt, but I continue as this is a fellow Australian’s work I am reading.


There are two point of views in Champions: At Fire’s End: April who owns telepathy and fire powers, and Kyle who has water powers and something else that I cannot remember. Their mission is to find their enemy first, flipping between the two makes it easier to see each other’s point of view.

Then there are the Gods and Titans, and the other two Champions. I would like to say that there is some inconsistencies, and I am not feeling the people in the book. Not even the heroes, whom I find a little bit too whiny for my liking.

As this is the first of the series, I shall reserve judgement and hope that they grow into their skin a little.


I tried to like it but failed, to be fair I find Percy Jackson a little juvenile as well. But if you have a kid who loves him, and other action type, friendship based stories, then by all means. Champion is not really an adult’s book, it is simplistic and frankly does not have much big twists. However, it is perfect for a younger reader, who will enjoy the fights and betrayal.

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Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling Trinity Series) Review

Netgalley Cover

Silver Silence

Author: Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changeling Trinity Novel 1
Genre: Romance , Sci Fi & Fantasy
From: Netgalley

Amazon cover

The Cover

I am not sure which cover you would prefer, but I kind of like the one from Netgalley over the red one from Amazon. Even though Valentin on the cover is not the I had envisioned, the red one just has not much attraction to it.

The Story

The title is related to the story, however I do find it a little weird. Weird enough to attract curious attention, it was the synopsis that did me in. I was sold by the summary of the book in Netgalley, plus it was easier to request from an Australian publisher usually. The author minces no words, preferring a funny courtship as an opening, then BAM! shit happens.

Valentin, the alpha of the StoneWater Bear clan, wastes no time in dissecting clues and saving the day. A lot is at stake when his intended mate: Silver Mercant was attacked. Silver is no ordinary person, she is a unique born psychic who could hear people’s thoughts. She lives by a code of Silence: emotionless world to keep her gift from killing her too young. However there is much to the story than her code.

This is a series after all, it would be boring without a lot of problems to start in the first book for the readers to follow through right? Silver Silence is the beginning of a challenging and exciting series for me. There is an uneasy truce between the humans, Changelings (Valentin) and Psy (Silver). Something is going in the psy world, a lot of hints while attacks are happening around the world

Sounds familiar?

It should be, it is happening upon the real world now.


My favorite would be Valentin, Alpha of the StoneWater Bear clan. He is one of the three predatory Changeling alphas, the other being Selena of the Wolf pack (BlackEdge) and the Leopard Clan’s Lucas. As the leader of the Bears, he has a lot of bear traits like fearless, funny and playful.

Silver is harder to like due to her Silence, not that she is not likable. Despite being an adult, Silver was more fun later on as she unwittingly gets involved with Valentin. You could say that he wore her down, with disastrous results.


Silver Silence has it all: Romance, mystery and a lot of funny banter Click To Tweet

Silver Silence has what I love: funny banter, a mystery and a unique plot despite a well worn story line. Somehow we can relate with the struggles. The theme for the book is Family, and it is heavily featured in the book. I find that it is an easy/ hard read; easy because words just flow by, hard because of the difficult things they have to face.

I do like it, it spells a wonderful start to a series that will be going strong. If you are a fan of people saving each other instead of always guy saving girl, then this one is definitely for you.




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The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill Review

Fairy Boy of Calton Hill
Author: Sean- Paul Thomas
Series: The Fairy Boy Chronicles Book 1
Genre: Fairy, Fantasy, adventure, YA

The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill has fairies!

I have read Sean- Paul Thomas before, he is the author of Old Man and The Princess. When I was asked to review this new book, I did not hesitate. Sean- Paul does have a skill of twisting stories and moving out of the box when he tells a story. The Fairy Boy is first of its series, with a semi- cliffhanging end.

First I got to meet Liam, the hero of the story. He has his troubles, he just lost his father, and his mother has trouble coping with the loss. The story sets in Scotland’s Edinburgh, near Calton Hill. The story has two point of views, the other belongs to G the fairy. This allows the reader to understand both worlds, and when the characters converge, there is a clearer picture.

G the fairy is an annoying creature (well, she’s annoying me). But I consider her the heroine of the story at this point, because she is incredibly brave and- or stupid. Of course it was her who broke the rule, or else this story will be boring.

The characters are convincing, though I hope as the series goes there will be some growth. Liam is a guy who does not rush head long into trouble, but he is far from being a coward, while G is an impulsive fairy with a big heart. Together, things will be fun and dangerous


The Fairy Boy from Calton is a great start to a series, where Liam finds out about fairies and magic! Click To Tweet

This book is easy to read, being a young adult genre. I think tweens might like this book, because kids can relate to big bullies and wishing to be a hero. The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill is a book that inspires people to be brave and open- minded, and I cannot wait to see what happens in the second book.

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My Scheming Peel & NuDerma Eye Mask review

Gel with Monkey fan

My Scheming Facial Peel Review

I got this in Taiwan for 119 NTD, like AUD5.85. It is quite cheap, when you can get the same item from ebay (link: 

My Scheming Apple Extract Hydrating Peeling Gel 120ml via eBay ) at AUD16 but free postage. My Scheming Peel is made by the famous My Scheming brand, which is a local Taiwanese brand and is a big name there and in Asia. Previously I have reviewed its double mask, but the brand also makes makeup items like mascara and eye liners.


My Scheming Peel has apple and cucumber extracts, and boasts to hydrate while removing your dead skin cells. Among the ingredients are apple and cucumber beads which dissolves when you crush them, a light apple fragrance and things that make up the gel.

A quick look at the gel2017-06-07_08-19-31How to use it: apply the gel onto dry hands and face, avoid the eye and mouth areas. While the label says leave it on for 1 minute before lightly massage your face to remove dead skin, I already have a lot of dead skin coming up. I was expecting this to happen, because I have skip this step for a week to see how it goes.

The result it pretty yucky. After a rinse, my skin feels softer and definitely a lot cleaner.


Can you see the bits of dead skin? I am happy that I got this… until I found out that Taiwan still does animal testing Q.Q at the moment. There are rumors that it will end soon, but currently, there is nothing on the label that says this is cruelty free.

So if you are a cruelty free product user, Taiwanese and Chinese brand are a no- go. If it does not bother you, go ahead. As for me, it was a momentarily lapse of judgement, shopping always makes me happy. Funny how my morals go out the window when I am overseas.

Thankfully, Japan and Korea do have cruelty brands.

Nu derma 明眸撫紋水嫩眼膜 Reactivation Eye Cure Lifting Hydra Mask

This is from Nu derma, a more upmarket brand in Taiwan. This I got as a sample after buying two sunscreens from them at the price of AUD75 in total (that’s 1500 NTD). I am crazy to spend that much money on beauty products, but I so love how it absorbs quickly and leaves a clean feel on my skin.

The eye mask has hyaluronic spheres, and things that helps reduce dark circles and erase that fine lines. I got three but I have given one to my mom, and this is my last one. While I do regret not buying it, but spending NTD 5000, which is AUD 200 on 8 pieces of eye mask might be a little crazy.

Even though it has this cute butterfly shape, and covers a large area of my eyes. Normal eye masks are a lot smaller and does not work as well as this brand. This is a classic you get what you pay for scenario.


You get a perfectly cheap yet good quality exfoliate, and pair it with a free sample of an expensive product. The result is good, except for the animals that were tested on. I do apologize for not checking prior to buying, but I had always assumed that most developed countries do not do animal testing, except for China.

I guess I am wrong =(

Back to Aussie products <3