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Book and Mask 5 : Tatting with Anne Orr & Snail Gold Mask


Tatting is an interesting craft

If you haven’t heard of tatting before, it is an old craft that is enjoying a revival of sorts. Tatting is basically tying little knots and manipulating them into picots and flowers to form lace. The tatting yarn is more like crocheting yarn, finer the prettier, but a headache for beginners.

The book I got from Netgalley on a request, I was interested to see the patterns. I had hoped to read more about tatting and how to do it well. If you are a beginner, this is not a good book for you.The book contains a lot of vintage patterns for doilies, handkerchiefs and even a bonnet/ cap. It is really cool, but essentially useless unless you understand the terms and know how to tat well.

For me, I was lost, tatting is still a new skill for me. Yes, those shuttles are mine. I take pride in trying to learn new craft skill, no matter how bad I am overall. I can knit and crochet, but my tension gauge is always wrong. Bleh, when my mom taught me how to knit, she called me stupid because I couldn’t purl.


Tatting With Anne Orr

Gold and Snail Mask…luxury

Got this special mask as a souvenir/ Christmas present. It was from a guilty cousin of my husbands, he (the cousin) loves beauty products, and prides on being young looking. The mask is a symbol of luxury facial mask, because not only the mask has gold woven into the material, it was dripping in snail goo.

It’s not that bad, thicker than my normal snail sheet mask, and twice as much in volume. After applying for an hour or two, my skin had never felt that great. Smooth and invigorated, I could see myself buying more of these if I can afford the price tag. Happy that I get to try this at least once.


Yes, flashy mask. Gold is said to make you younger, but I never know how or why. Is it an antioxidant like silver? Or it possess some free- radical locking, and can temporarily stop the damage. I haven’t read up any research on this, so at the moment I am enjoying the effects of a good facial sheet mask.

No wonder that guy is always so young looking.

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Hush Little Baby : Book Review

Image from Netgalley

Hush Little Baby
Author: Joanna Barnard
Penguin Random House UK, Ebury Publishing
Genre:  Mystery & Thrillers
Publication Date: Aug 2017

Hush Little Baby can be a scary reality to some

The book is written from a triplicate point of view. There is Sally, the mum, Richard the dad and Martha his daughter. These three people were part of baby Oliver’s family at home, and when his hand was fractured, no one admits to it. Someone is lying of course, but who?

As in Western countries, well… developed countries with a good/ decent childcare system, family services get involved. A lot of times, parent’s get scared. Because not only they feel that they have done something wrong, they fear that their child will be taken away from them.

It is never easy raising a baby, harder when a stranger rips your darling out of your hands. While there is no question in the reader’s mind that baby Oliver has parents who love him, and a stepsister who is slightly indifferent to him; family services does not know that. Thus began a conflict between family and the ‘outsiders’.

Things get more complicated when skeletons in the closet shows up during investigations. The author tactfully reminds all parents that raising a child does not end when they reach double digits. Very often, when I am dealing with a terrible two, I get the statement: “wait till they are teens.”

(ノ ̄皿 ̄)ノ ⌒=== ┫ —– this is a table flipping emoji. This is me in my mind, except maybe the table is the jerk who says stupid things like that.

This is like my in- laws, they would tell me what I should be doing, and then turn around and ignored their own advice. Honestly, I have to tolerate their rudeness and dismissive behavior, because my mom will have my hide if I lash out. It is very un-Asian to be rude or scold your elders, no matter how much those jerks deserve it.


You might have to guess who did break baby Oliver’s arm until the end, or have your suspicions confirmed.  Hush Little Baby has a low amount of intrigue, focusing on family and relationship issues instead. Not sure why this is Women’s fiction, when it is a family matter. Hush Little Baby will break your heart, and make you wonder who has done it. But it is not the only… Click To Tweet

The ending was a positive one, the author creates a balance that is acceptable. Hush Little Baby can be too close to reality than some of us might care to admit. This is a good read, but a little confronting at times, especially if you have children.

Hush Little Baby has terrible in- laws too

Dear readers:

If your future mother- in- law tells you that you are family and she loves you as much as she loves her kids, do not be so naive. Yes, she may be very loving and nice to you, and you will have pretty good relationship if you are lucky. But in the end, if the fire burns in a building, you might not be high on her priority list. This is reality.

But if she hates your guts, it’s ok. Don’t try to change her mind, keep boundaries and hate her guts from the outside. No matter how much you crave her friendship and love, she will never ever think that you are good enough for her child. Swallow your words, and be nice, especially if you love your partner. Trust me, if you squeeze your partner, the mother usually wins.

But nothing is worse than a person who tells you lies, with a knife behind her back. That knife will definitely cut your relationship with your partner if you are not careful. This is my first hand experience, where I realized after a fight with my husband, what she had done to us. After the incident, I tried not to pick up her phone calls, because I could then make her tell me things in front of my husband, and then ask for his opinion. Kind of like a witness thing, caught her out a few times too, but at least we no longer argue about he said she said. She had the gall to complain to my own mother that I am not a family orientated person, and too dependent; my mom casually replied that she raised me that way.. haha…

If I can record all my conversations with her, I truly would.

(whinge/ relationship advice over)



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Sukin Hand and Nail Cream Review

Brat is prop again

Sukin Hand Cream is nothing special

I have this hand cream for a while, although it is nothing special, it works as it should. It has aloe barbadensis, vitamin E and hydrolyzed soy protein for the cuticles. This range is safe to use on kids, well on mine anyway. The ingredients are mainly plant based, with a few synthetic stuffs here and there.

Despite that, it is still free of nasty chemicals like parabens, SLS and mineral oils. So if brat were to eat my hands accidentally, I wouldn’t have to worry. I know that I shouldn’t, but it is easy to just let her have my fingers to suck on when she is bored. Princess is also teething now, so the nightmare is when she bites my fingers with all her might to lessen the pressure.

A lot of people are promoting natural stuff like beeswax, I have too many hand creams right now to consider adding more into my cache. Sukin Hand cream is quite thick, so I don’t have to apply a lot. Good news for some: it leaves no greasy residue. But it also lacks that silicone/ silky feel that I like. If you cannot find Sukin Hand Cream, Natio has a good hand cream range.

I got this from a show bag, it was a bag full of Sukin stuffs, with a special price. The bag has a few goodies that I like, although I think my mom had made off with a few too. Fortunately, this is not an expensive brand. The only problem is, the nail/ cuticle part does not seem to be working. My nails still keep breaking, maybe with all that baby biting.


Overall, this is just another regular hand cream. It is moisturizing and quick absorbing. It is the essential that will not break your bank.

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Diadem of Death Review

Image from Netgalley

Diadem of Death
Author: B. R. Myers
Series: The Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series #2
Genre: mystery, history, YA
Publisher: Blue Moon Publishers
Publish Date: 25 April 2017
ISBN: 9781988279503

Diadem of Death is like a cool tomb raider game

Except it is not Tomb Raider at all, Nefertari accompanies her father to the place that took her mother. Leaving behind her boyfriend Zach, their relationship up in the air due to her commitment and his. Fortunately, she has her friends with her in this trip. In continuance from the first book : Asp of Ascension, Terry and her dad travels to Egypt in search of Cleopatra’s tomb.

But what awaits them was more than a promise to complete her mother’s work. A mishap in the airport was a stroke of luck, particularly when the plane that they were supposed to be on sunk into the bottom of the ocean. Terry, her dad and friends Maude and Finn (or Fitz? I can’t remember his name).

Soon, their adventures lead to more curses being released and more question than answers. As the guardian of the Asp, Terry has an affinity to all things Cleopatra. The story twists and turns, and somehow makes you question who is her real ally, aside from the pair of sidekicks.


The ending was quite romantic, for me. You can guess who the villain is, the chase is fun though. For a YA mystery, this is a good story. Diadem of Death carries more puzzle solving than mystery. I am glad that Terry did not venture into a triangular relationship, very mature. It has excitement, intrigue and a lot of running around.

Diadem of Death features a lot of dying, a few cool puzzles and a mystery that surrounds Cleopatra's… Click To Tweet

Since no one really found where Cleopatra and Mark Anthony was buried, so this was quite a good theory and a good place to end a chase. How do you wear a diadem? I am not sure, but here is one I found while perusing Amazon (yes affiliated). Ravenclaw’s Diadem, ain’t it pretty?


Diadem of Ravenclaw

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Princess Brat’s Review : MooGoo Eczema and Psoriasis Cream

MooGoo is another Australian Beauty!

Princess Brat says:

Mommy bought me another brand to try, this time it is MooGoo! The box looks very cool, like a carton of milk. To be honest, I am pretty sick of her giving me things to try again and again. I am a beautiful and perfect princess, and I should be allowed to scratch myself silly till I bleed.

No? Really? Why not?

Back to this MooGoo, mommy got daddy to pay for it, which was surprising because daddy doesn’t like paying for things. I guess he loves me a lot.

Active Ingredients include Aloe Vera, Marinara chamomilla flower, Centella asiatica herb tincture, and Sage Oil Dalmatian.

Mommy says it’s good stuff, but do I care? I will admit it smells good, but not sure how good it tastes like. So far she slathers a lot on me. It feels cool and slippery, but I like it when mommy massages into my body. She can do it as often as she wants, I don’t mind.

I guess she likes it, because I don’t feel as itchy. She puts a lot of stuff on me before, now it’s only this. I think she likes the way I smell after.

Mommy’s Review

Got this on a whim, I have heard of MooGoo before, and the brand is a mid-range pharmacy brand. A few pharmacies stock it, depending on area. I like how the pump works, and the lotion is on the slightly thicker side. It works well, because she does feel better after I apply this.

Nothing special about how Australian brands are moving towards natural products with biodegradable or recyclable containers. This is a eco- conscious country/ society, and people do take into account things like vegan, organic and even sustainable.

For an all natural brand, MooGoo surprisingly works well. There is a positive effect, and I am glad to see that Princess Brat is recovering.

*not affiliated post. I bought this to try*