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The Reawakened Series Book Review

Reawakened Series Review


Author: Colleen Houck
Genre: fantasy, YA, romance

I will never get sick of these cheesy, teenage “defeat all odds” romance. I did Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts with this book. If you want a sneak read be sure to go look at the screenshot. This series has an Egyptian myth as the main theme, so the whole series focus on legends and gods. Though it is not always accurate, learning about it is always fun.

The story starts with the meeting of Liliana Young and a mummy, Amon. No prizes guessing the whole story line with this. A lot of eye rolling and sighing on my part, but I read on. My mother loves this book, which is why I bought it, and “borrowed” it to her via Kindle. Love that function, kudos to Amazon.

A little bit about the book that might interest you

Liliana Young saw a mummy, who later turned into a guy who appeared to be a few years older than she is. Turns out that the mummy/ guy’s name is Amon, and he has a job to do. Because he is low in energy, he makes a pact with her. Through out the first book, they have to find his brothers before he fails his task.



I like the characters, despite the fact that Lily can be a whinging New Yorker, she was a good host. More importantly, she has some good friends, as proven by her sidekicks. The first book successfully catches my curiosity, so I moved onto book 2. Book one ends well without any cliffhangers, but I knew that this is a series.

Recreated : Book 2 of Reawakened


This one happens a few weeks after book 1, where Liliana finally gets to have some rest after her adventures. But unfortunately, she was summoned back into the scene/ story. Lily was staying with her Nana, away from New York. She knows that her love with Amon should have ended, but hey…

This is a teenage love story right? Recreated moves to the next part of the story, where Lily becomes a reluctant heroine. Her journey was fraught with dangers, and no guarantees that she would be successful after all that hard work. It was frustratingly long.

This is a spoiler

Liliana had to do a few things before going to the Netherworld, to rescue her boyfriend Amon. He had decided to run there after Ma’at demanded to weigh his heart. In book 2, she had to become a sphinx in order to gain access to Egyptian hell safely.


And the story quickly goes from normal teen to strange in half way through.


I knew it was coming, but I was still taken slightly aback by the turn of events. Her previous book/ series: Tiger’s Curse was the same in theme and execution. So it was not a complete surprise, but still raised my eyebrows. Not my favorite book in the series.

Reunited : Reawakened Book 3


Reunited is also a few days after the events of Recreated. Back at Nana’s farm, Liliana struggles with memory loss, but she does not get much rest. Apparently, the evil one has managed to escape, and is trying to bring down Egyptian Heaven. Back to Heliopolis, Lily has issues with the changes in her body.

The stakes are higher this time, and she has to stop the evil one before it is too late. In this book, the romances take a seat behind saving the world. It is a little annoying when the author throws around hints and then does not follow up.


Is it a satisfying end? It is if you are teen, one moment you are crying that the Universe is not far, by the end you are nodding in excitement. Everyone gets a happy ending, yay!

The boss fight was not really a boss fight, the ending fell short of my expectations. Trust the author to throw in a cheat code that automatically wins the fight. Although the characters have matured, and everything is back in place, does not mean that you can skip the ultimate battle..


Should you read it? Of course, it is quite entertaining, just don’t be so serious about it.

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The Red: An Erotic Fantasy Review

The Red: An Erotic Fantasy
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Genre: Fantasy, erotica, adult
Source: Netgalley

The Red : Story

The art gallery has the name, her books are in that color too. Mona Lisa St. James made the promise of never selling her mother’s pride and joy, but now she might have to, if she wants to stave of debtors. One night, as she was worrying over the state of things, she decides to close the art gallery. But suddenly a man appears with an offer.

Mona accepts, of course. The terms are simple, but the rewards are great. He even gave her a present, which temporarily stops her from closing her art gallery.

Keeping her promise to her mom seems very important, and is the premise of the story in the Red. Mona herself loves the art gallery, so I guess she selfishly wants to keep it alive as much as her mother did.

The Highs

The sex in The Red is something else, it is well written. This definitely belongs in the fantasy genre, because it just blows my mind how imagination can make everything erotic. Let’s not compare it with other works, as the author Tiffany sets herself apart well.

Not to mention, the story is unique, with a twist at the end. I do like unexpected story ending, but in The Red it is the sexual encounters that titillates rather than bore. Never an art fan, because I am more into music, The Red induces just enough curiosity in me to find out more about art.

The Lows

For me, it is the characters that fall slightly flat for me. Oh I know that Mona has been moaning about her art gallery since page one. Art is her obsession, soon it was sex. That is just about it for our unlikely heroine in the story. The other characters, however supportive they might be, lack a certain charm.

Plus, there is not much else aside from sex and The Red, with a few art lessons in between. The ending came a little rushed, I barely get to know the new guy.


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Not sure, I am 50/50 with this one. On one hand, I finished reading this book in one go. It is an easy read, the scenes make it easier to digest. On the other, the lack of a strong plot and character makes it a little disappointing. I feel like there is much that can be done with The Red. I did enjoy it nevertheless.

As for recommending it…. oh why not?


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She Be Damned : Review & Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts Hop

She Be Damned
Author: M.J. Tjia
Series: A Heloise Chancey Mystery #1
Genre: mystery, thriller
Source: Netgalley
Buy from : Amazon

Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts Quote For She Be Damned

This meme is hosted by (un)Conventional Bookviews every Thursday. Today, I had just finish a book that has a quote for food, so here is the quote to start. This is part of a memory of one of the characters, although it does not affect the story, it does impart important information about the heroine, Heloise Chancey.

… I sat at the kitchen table and helped myself to a bowl of sweetened black rice, adding coconut milk for its saltiness. I had eaten most of it when my mother’s maid ran into the kitchen, fell to the floor, and wrapped her arms around my legs.

“She is dead. She is dead,” she wailed.

The Review

If the meme has peaked your interest, I hope to entice you more with a positive review. First of all, this is the cover that Netgalley had, but I do prefer the one Amazon has.netgalley

The Story

The setting: 1863’s London, where Heloise Chancey is enjoying life after suffering in poverty for a long time. Her good looks may have given her a chance, but it was her observation and acting skills that got her into a fairly comfortable life in Mayfair.

But, girls were turning up dead around Waterloo, with their feminine parts missing. Despite that, the police were not doing anything, as the victims were prostitutes and not worth the attention. Heloise was recruited by a private investigator to investigate the disappearance of a young girl, cast out by family yet love still remains.

The characters are very interesting. Written in first person point of view, She Be Damned actually has two stories running concurrently. One is Heloise’s investigation, while the other is more like a memory of someone, presumable her Amah. Then things got interesting, as Heloise digs deeper, the suspect list gets longer. Heloise also met a Sergeant, who was investigating the case.

The Verdict

This is not just a fascinating mystery, it is a foundation for Heloise to set her fame in the story. Her dalliance with the Sergeant, and her success in cracking the case may be the break she needed to be recruited in future mysteries. Heloise shows the world that she can be a good detective, with her acting skills and her connections with the shadier world.

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She Be Damned is definitely a strong start to hopefully an exciting life of an amateur sleuth. The way Heloise solved her case might not be the most original, but she does have a good background story. I hope to see her grow as a detective, and watch her relationship with other characters.

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Beautiful People : August Edition

Image From the Hosts

Beautiful People : For Writers and Dreamers

The answers for these questions are for one of my main characters: Christopher. He is a detective and I need to flesh him out a little more. Aside from the six pack and a good tan, I think he has to be a lot more than just eye- candy to be a detective… so without further ado…

I have done Beautiful People blog hop before, you can read it here (March. And another here. Then I got lazy, with travelling and kids.

What are they addicted to/can’t live without?

He is addicted to prescription medication, at this rate I think it should be a sleeping pill rather than a painkiller. I haven’t decided yet, but he cannot live without *hmmm* going to the gym.

Name 3 positive and 3 negative qualities about your character.

3 Positives : courageous, determined, careful
3 negatives: racist, chauvinistic, messy

Are they holding onto something they should get rid of?

A grudge, definitely emotional baggage…

If 10 is completely organized and 1 is completely messy, where do they fall on the scale?

Probably a 3, bad enough that other people does his organizing for him in the office.

What most frustrates them about the world they live in?

So many Asians, quote politician Pauline Hanson (she’s a real person): Asian Invasion. That and Dominos Pizza is shrinking.

How would they dress for a night out? How would they dress for a night in?

On summers night it would be just shorts for a night IN. For a night out, a black shirt with jeans, because he can.

How many shoes do they own, and what kind?

Asics running shoes, a black dress shoe and loafers/ slippers whatever you call them.

Do they have any pets? What pet do they WISH they had?

He is not a pet person, due to the nature of his work. But he might wish he has a pet Rottweiler to watch his back.

Is there something or someone that they resent? Why and what happened?

His ex-wife who had ran off with an Asian (he never knew exactly which nationality) pilot.

What’s usually in their fridge or pantry?

Protein bars and more protein bars…

I need your help!

Suggest something that I could change in the list, and I might consider it. IF my book ever gets published I promise to put your name on the thank list =d

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Onyx Webb the Finale : Book Review

Onyx Webb: Book Ten: Episodes 29, 30, 31 & 32 Kindle Edition
Author: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz
Genre: paranormal, romance, ghost, thriller

Onyx Webb : The Finale

It was meant to end, because Onyx and Noah finally were happy, The Southern Gentleman slipped up during his quest, and the loose ends were finally beginning to be tied up. Book Nine was not that far ago, back in May. The story had been steadfastly moving towards the end since book one. I am sad to see it end, though I am sure that Richard and Andrea will be starting a new series soon.

A writer never stops writing, I think.

The Story

Onyx Webb is the name of the supposedly main character Onyx Webb, but in truth it is not just about her. From book one, there have been multiple characters, starting with the disappearance of a girl: Juniper Cole. The first few books have different timelines, but had since converged into one main timeline around book 5. The Leg Collector’s obsession, Koda Mulvaney’s brush with paranormal and a killer nun are just one of the events that happened in relation to her, directly or indirectly.

They are also multiple story lines, Onyx Webb is not just a ghost story. It also has mystery and puzzles, and I do love my puzzles. My favorite part would be when Newt showed up, the genius boy who managed to solve a lot of cold cases for the police. Then the ghosts start appearing.

By twist of fate, the authors skillfully avoided telling who which ones are not alive. Aside from Onyx, it is a guessing game for some of the characters in the book. Some I figured out, others were a surprise. If ghosts are real, I definitely want to be like Onyx.

Ten Stories On…

It is okay to doubt that all ten books in the series might flop somewhere. Thankfully and amazingly, I loved all ten books. I love the time I spent with Onyx, but actually I spent more time swooning about Newt and Koda. It was a great pleasure being part of a scene in parts, other times it was more as a spectator.

And it takes a lot of planning to reach this level: ten books that consistently delivers awe, surprise and “oh my god where’s the rest?” Not many books do that, usually by book four I’m already moving on… So, this alone, is a feat worthy of the gods. Even Harry Potter only have seven books right?


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Oh, the best way to describe how I am feeling at the moment.