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Goodness Chia Grab & Go Try Me Kit Review

Goodness Certified Chia Seed Grab & Go Review


What is inside the box:
Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil (5ml)
Evening Cream (20mL)
Morning Moisturiser (20mL)
Cream Cleanser (20mL)
Face Scrub (10mL).

Where to find this box: some Woolworths stores, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, and Big W

Although some reason, CW only has Goodness Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil 20ml on eBay, a little disappointed that I cannot show you the link to this. I did bring this to Malaysia and Taiwan, it lasts more than 2 weeks. I should finish them back home.

The box is big and clunky for so many tiny things, for ease of packing the box had to go. But look at these tiny bottles, they are cute and easily fit into my makeup bag. Plus these are less than 100mL so you can actually take them on-board, but don’t quote me. At least take the oil with you, I am sure you can take that in your hand-carry.

A Little Bit About Goodness

The key ingredient for Goodness Chia Seed kit is chia seed oil, avocado and coconut oil, all of which nourish, hydrate and plump skin. The packaging is recyclable, the product is biodegradable to ensure clean waterways, and the products are not tested on animals.

They’re also free from parabens, petrochemicals, PEGs, sulphates, silicones, and harsh surfactants.

Goodness comes from New Zealand


I do not mind them, for one thing they are free from fragrance as well. They smell whatever is most: oil. You know that smell of nutty slightly flowery note of pure plant oil. Even in Malaysia, I enjoyed the benefits of the oil as serum, you will be surprised that how using oil stops your skin from secreting more oil. I use a drop or two, pat on for good measure.

I like that the box has the essentials and nothing more, although I would have liked for the creams to be more dual than separate. But since they are small, it is not an issue.  A little bummed that this is not anti- aging, this kit is more into hydrating, because flying can be so dehydrating.

If you are travelling, look for this kit.

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Review of 3 Lotions : Found in My Stash

Review 1: Avène’s Tolérance Extrême Cleansing Lotion

cleaning lotion

I never had a cleansing lotion before, I have tried cleansing milk once, from Clarins and Ella Bache a long time ago. I am not a fan, mainly because I don’t have the clean feel later. This one however, belongs in my never again list. A little bit did not feel clean enough, while too much made me feel that there was a layer of plastic on my face.

Yes, it is Avene and it has their famous thermal water. Priced at AUD40, it is kind of pricey for a small bottle of cleansing lotion. The thing I hate most is the dispenser! You have to squeeze it hard enough so that the lotion squirts out from its stopper. Hard to control, either too much or too little, and I cannot even unscrew the cap to avoid that stopper thing.

Cleansing wise, no comment. I just don’t have that clean skin feel like I have with cream cleansers. But since I do double cleansing *at times I stole my husband’s Benzac gel* I have no issues.

Review 2: L’ Occitane Shea Soothing Fluid

IMG_20170702_160901280This one I bought on a whim, when the pharmacy I went had a 30% off everything. The L’Occitane Shea Face Soothing Fluid, I got for a mere AUD33. Soothing Fluid has 5% shea in the lotion, and boast to be hydrating and soothing at the same time.

For me, the normal faced person, it is acceptable. But for Princess Brat who was suffering from itchy skin, Soothing Fluid was not soothing at all. I was hoping that the shea would provide some relief for her eczema, because this product is free of nasties. Unfortunately her skin did not respond at all.

Having said that, I am loving this lotion. It absorbs quickly, and has no residue. Even in dry winter, my skin feels fresh and moisturized. Definitely recommending it.

Review 3: Carol’s Daughter Hydrating Acai Face LotionIMG_20170702_160910693

I have no idea where this one came from, but I am using it. The lotion smells funny so maybe it is already bad. I read the back, and it does not have any perfume. If you know how Acai should smell like let me know, but now I am saying that it stinks. Other than that, the lotion seems to be working.

Since I use it with the soothing fluid, I use this randomly. Presently I am not using any creams or anti- aging stuff. Just a short break from heavy stuff to see how my skin is. If I see any wrinkles, I know that those creams work. Carol’s Daughter had actually discontinued this product, a little bummed. I have no idea how long I have had this in my stash *embarrassed*

Just a Note

I am not affiliated with any charity, but I feel compelled to mention this. I am thinking of donating some of my stuffs to The Beauty Bank. I have gotten a lot of gifts from birthdays and such, and they remain unopened. For Australia, there’s this place you can donate to, brand new unopened things to those who need them.

After all, we women should support each other right?

Not sure about other countries though, if you know of one please comment and let others know


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Skin Care for Those Who Prefer Books

Skin Care for Those Who Prefer Books

I love reading books, and I also love looking younger than my actual age. Both need money to maintain, and it is not like I have unlimited resources. To feed these two habits and myself, I have resorted to some measures. Sometimes I would buy a good quality skin care product, like Estee Lauder Night Repair or Clinique Repairwear Laser.  Because there is a before and after difference, you do get what you paid for sometimes.

But when times get tough, and every penny counts, I try to stretch out so I cannot indulge myself so often. Sometimes I wish my kids are cute enough to be a model, but that will be unfair to them, because they wouldn’t have a fun childhood right?

My secret wish: to look thirty even though I am really fifty.

Homemade Skin Care

I am not saying that you should homemade everything, because that would actually defeat

Homemade Beauty Products

the purpose of this practice:  spending less money on skin care. Unless you already have all the basic ingredients, or you are doing it because you have other good reasons, chances are you will waste a lot of time and money making everything from scratch.


In this case, I am suggesting that you use what you already have at home. The simplest and best example would be coconut oil or olive oil with sugar and salt, to make a body scrub. If you use ground coffee, that works as a body exfoliate too. It’s dry July, a wine soak is good for the skin with all the reservatrols in it. You can save on skincare by using what you have, since you do not need much anyway.

Do not be fooled into thinking that homemade is cheap, frequently it is not. Not only you have to buy the ingredients, but the tool as well. Some products take a lot of time to make, which is probably better spent reading a good book.

There’s more to it, but I have already talked about it here about facial masks. Of course, alternative to homemade stuff, is buying things that have multiple uses. Rosehip oil is good for hair and face, you can even use it as a hand cream in a pinch. Or products like BB or CC cream, because multi-tasking is in.

Face Yoga

Face Yoga

I know right? What is this world coming to? Face Yoga is nothing new actually, but the jury is still out on this one.

On one hand, it does make sense to exercise the muscles on your face. The theory is that if you exercise them, they maintain their elasticity to help you keep wrinkles at bay. On the other hand, a study in 2014 stated that the nine “researches” that was done was in poor quality. Basically, case studies and what a handful of people say is not enough to convince everyone that this is good for you.

It’s great if it works, but the study said that no one knows if it might hasten the aging process because you are over doing your face. That’s the worry anyway. But hey…

It is pretty fun doing funny faces with your brats. From these pictures, you can see that face yoga and be done any time and place. The problem is remembering to do it.

Ice Bath

Last but not least, the Koreans are loving the new old trend the ice bath. It is what it is: dunking your face into icy water or into a bowl of ice. Not only it will wake you right up, the cold water tightens pores and makes the skin firmer by shocking it into action. I am not a fan of this personally, because I have been washing my face with cold water and it is not fun at all.

But, a lot of people swear by it. If you have a lot of ice at home, and if it’s summer, why not give it a go right? Skin care is not only about creams and lotions, but daily habits as well. Good skin care habits like hygiene and using quality products are just one step in a routine.

Same with face yoga, not much prove that it works long term. But if you want to look refreshed and alert, icy face bath is a good free trick. It does not have to be a long dunk, and this is not a daily thing. If you are trying to save water (Australia water is expensive), just keep a wet towel in the freezer and use as needed, that works too!

Rich People will Always Look Good

Mainly because they have the resources to invest in their good looks. It will be cool to have facial every week, but I cannot afford it regularly. Doing it at home seems to be the only option for me presently, so I am looking for ways and tricks. If you do have a good tip for me, please comment and let me know.

Until then, I will be exercising my face and hope that my kids do not stress me out too much. Maybe I should take a more drastic action, like using derma roller. But since virgin bloods are hard to come by, it might be prudent to stick to the normal mainstream method of creams and lotions to stave off wrinkles.

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Question: Will You Use These Anti-Aging Products

Anti-Aging, is it important to you?

Perhaps I should start with that question, is looking young important enough to you? While some seem to be able to age gracefully, most try to avoid looking old. A lot of people try tablets and potions, and a fair few who can afford it go for injections and more drastic moves.

Botox is one of the more famous anti-aging measures, if looking tight and stiff is your thing. Dermal fillers are pretty in as well, some of the fillers are also used in medical procedures. Most fillers were part of the medical procedure until someone finds another use for them.

You might agree that it is risky going under the knife, or injecting poison under your skin. However, people can be desperate enough to take that risk just to look “younger”. We cannot all stop our skin from sagging and getting wrinkly, but we sure can try. There are a lot of anti-aging stuff out there in the market, we cannot deny that this is a big chunk of the beauty industry. Once we hit a certain age, somehow we will go for preserving our youth, rather than flaunting it.

Would you try these anti-aging stuff?

Bee Venom

Lanocorp Lanocreme Bee Venom Face Mask

Bee Venom gained popularity in 2013, owing to toxin melittin in its venom to stimulate more blood to the skin. Apparently research says that it can help increase collagen and elastin, owing to the stimulation. What used to be an expensive product due to small quantities, now you can find it in some drug store. Though I am not sure what is the difference in concentration, companies say that because they can get more bee venom effectively, hence it becomes cheaper.

You would be happy to know that no bees are harmed during the harvesting. Because their lance/ stinger does not separate from the bee’s body. Good news right?

Snake Venom

Babaria Snake Venom Anti-wrinkle Face Cream 2 X 50ml + Eye Cream 1 X 12ml.

If you are allergic to bees, what then? Of course it will be terrible if you swell up every time you use a cream.

Snake venom of course! Don’t worry, this is a synthetic version to make sure that no reptiles are harmed. SYN- AKE is a laboratory product that mimics snake venom’s paralyzing effect. Much like Botox, except this comes in a cream or serum. High enough to give you a good result (up till 52% depending on brand/ concentration/ quality) but not low enough to give you your human expressions back.

Because it is synthetic, snake venom is also cheaper than Bee Venom. Plus it is more consistent in terms of concentration, quality and purity. SYN- AKE makes it easier to avoid really issues like symptoms relating to overdose. Because snakes use their venom to paralyze their prey before swallowing them whole. I am sure I do not want to be looking like I cannot move my face, just because I applied too much cream.

Snail Slime

mothermade® Deep Moisturizing Rich Snail Facial Mask 10 individually packaged bundle – 100% cotton Cupra sheet, Anti-aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Deep Hydration, Snail Secretion Filtrate (5,000 ppm)

Snail was prescribed by Hippocrates for inflammation, prescription: crush them and take with sour milk. Ew.  What’s more yucky about this is that people use snail slime as a beauty product. I do use it, and I like it a lot. There are a few brands that uses this, see my blog posts on Taiwan’s My Scheming Brand, and Korea’s SAEM brand. Snail slim contains hyaluronic acid, proteins, antimicrobial properties and copper peptides to help the snail sanitize itself and keep moist. Little wonder how those creatures manage to crawl to surfaces and stay alive right?

Korea uses the normal garden variety pests ( I hate them, they ate my lettuce), grown in labs not gardens. Plus snail slime undergoes some processes before packing. Unless you go to a snail spa, where you want snails to walk all over your face, chances are your product is clean and well. If mask is not your thing, try this sleeping pack.

SAEM Snail Sleeping Pack

I Want To Try…

All of them of course, currently I am loving the snail mask regime, but it is quite pricey. Of course there are many other living creatures out there that people use for skin care, I am not very well informed. However, these at least I know does not really harm the animals. I do prefer other bee products like royal jelly and propolis, because it sounds cruel to have a bee continually sting a piece of glass.

SYN-AKE sounds very promising, and if I do find any decent brand that has an acceptable price tag, I might do it. While the bee venom has pretty good research, the snake venom does sound more effective. However, these are just possible selections you can try to delay the aging process. It does not, and never will halt the body’s natural deterioration.

Do remember, UV is one of the biggest causes of aging, so wear a sunscreen before trying everything else. Or it will be a waste of money, you undo the work when you step into the sun without protection anyway. In reality, I am not ready to age gracefully yet. When people tells me I look young and radiant, it makes my heart skip a beat. Because I know I feel old with two little monsters running me to the bone.

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My Scheming Peel & NuDerma Eye Mask review

Gel with Monkey fan

My Scheming Facial Peel Review

I got this in Taiwan for 119 NTD, like AUD5.85. It is quite cheap, when you can get the same item from ebay (link: 

My Scheming Apple Extract Hydrating Peeling Gel 120ml via eBay ) at AUD16 but free postage. My Scheming Peel is made by the famous My Scheming brand, which is a local Taiwanese brand and is a big name there and in Asia. Previously I have reviewed its double mask, but the brand also makes makeup items like mascara and eye liners.


My Scheming Peel has apple and cucumber extracts, and boasts to hydrate while removing your dead skin cells. Among the ingredients are apple and cucumber beads which dissolves when you crush them, a light apple fragrance and things that make up the gel.

A quick look at the gel2017-06-07_08-19-31How to use it: apply the gel onto dry hands and face, avoid the eye and mouth areas. While the label says leave it on for 1 minute before lightly massage your face to remove dead skin, I already have a lot of dead skin coming up. I was expecting this to happen, because I have skip this step for a week to see how it goes.

The result it pretty yucky. After a rinse, my skin feels softer and definitely a lot cleaner.


Can you see the bits of dead skin? I am happy that I got this… until I found out that Taiwan still does animal testing Q.Q at the moment. There are rumors that it will end soon, but currently, there is nothing on the label that says this is cruelty free.

So if you are a cruelty free product user, Taiwanese and Chinese brand are a no- go. If it does not bother you, go ahead. As for me, it was a momentarily lapse of judgement, shopping always makes me happy. Funny how my morals go out the window when I am overseas.

Thankfully, Japan and Korea do have cruelty brands.

Nu derma 明眸撫紋水嫩眼膜 Reactivation Eye Cure Lifting Hydra Mask

This is from Nu derma, a more upmarket brand in Taiwan. This I got as a sample after buying two sunscreens from them at the price of AUD75 in total (that’s 1500 NTD). I am crazy to spend that much money on beauty products, but I so love how it absorbs quickly and leaves a clean feel on my skin.

The eye mask has hyaluronic spheres, and things that helps reduce dark circles and erase that fine lines. I got three but I have given one to my mom, and this is my last one. While I do regret not buying it, but spending NTD 5000, which is AUD 200 on 8 pieces of eye mask might be a little crazy.

Even though it has this cute butterfly shape, and covers a large area of my eyes. Normal eye masks are a lot smaller and does not work as well as this brand. This is a classic you get what you pay for scenario.


You get a perfectly cheap yet good quality exfoliate, and pair it with a free sample of an expensive product. The result is good, except for the animals that were tested on. I do apologize for not checking prior to buying, but I had always assumed that most developed countries do not do animal testing, except for China.

I guess I am wrong =(

Back to Aussie products <3