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Egyptian Magic is an all- purpose skin cream with a cool name

nothing magical

Egyptian Magic is an all- purpose skin cream with a cool name

But if you look closely at my fingers, it betrays all the magic the cream has: nothing magical about it. My skin has started to peel after I returned home from Malaysia (my parents are still there). Presumably because I had to start cleaning again, touching detergent or just the temperature and humidity change.

I have had problems like there before, where my skin would just start to peel off layers of dead skin, it is just unsightly and annoying. Nothing bad will happen until I rip off the raw part by accident. I usually smother my hands with hand cream, put on a pair of gloves when this happens, the skin will repair itself with the proper tools.

Amazon Sells It

The ingredients are simple: olive oil, beeswax, honey, propolis and royal jelly. It sounds decadent, and it smells of honey as well, which is pleasant given that there are no additional fragrance to it. This is supposedly to have strong emollient and healing properties, with it anti-inflammatory properties from propolis.

Needless to say, I shelled out AUD40 for this jar, which is quite expensive for me.

Because …. it didn’t work for me or princess brat =(

How it Looks Like


Flickr’s photo editing system is still down, and I am too lazy to find another program to crop before posting. I ask for your forgiveness in this time of laziness. The Egyptian Magic has an ointment look to it, despite some of it calling this a cream. This is definitely more like a solid oil based product. Good if you have dry skin, and need something oilier than a cream.

Which would have been perfect if it does help….


I am sure you can see Princess Brat’s arm, it is in terrible shape as she scratches. The moment she start to sweat, the itch will follow. It is hard to stop her from scratching, because she would use anything (anyone) as a scratch post, rubbing her poor arms against things to stop the itch. Needless to say, the cream did not help one bit. When I was in Malaysia, I had to constantly wash her arms with water, apply some cream/ ointment and repeat every hour.

In the end, it was a rush to see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, to get a special herbal ointment that cost RM50 (like … aud 20) to get her skin in control. That did work, but it wasn’t until we reach Australia that her itching and scratching stopped completely.

Guess I shouldn’t be travelling overseas for a few more months Q.Q

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Onyx Webb : Ninth Book with Four Chapters

Onyx Webb: Book Nine: Episodes 25, 26, 27 & 28
Author: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz
Genre: multi-genre, paranormal, mystery, thriller
Series: Onyx Webb 9

Nine Books later… still can’t let go

The most important thing that I should share about Onyx Webb is this: nine books later, still exciting. Unlike some series that feels like its dragging its feet after a few books later, Onyx kept me on my toes with its multiple characters and limitless genres. With multi-genre series, it is like the authors were saying “screw the rules!”

Hence this is one hard book to read from the middle or the end, because Onyx Webb starts from book one, don’t even try starting anywhere else. Why ruin a good series just because you are lazy? Probably it means that you are not ready, come back when you have time to wallow in the sadness or follow the mystery of ghosts.

Penultimate/ Ultimate

While this is the penultimate book, as described by the authors and other readers. To me it was the ultimate book of the series. Not only there was this super special event, which lead to a lot of people dying; a lot of answers come out. Good to see that the authors are starting to tie up loose ends. Although I am a little sad about how some things panned out, but an ending done well is still closure.


I have recommended Onyx Webb since book one, because this series had been captivating and mesmerizing from day 1. It will be a sad moment when it ends, because I have had to much fun with all the characters in the book.


Trip Back to Malaysia and Back Again

Trip Back and Back Again

princess brat’s first flight. I survived

Recently I made a trip home back to Malaysia to see my parents, and then to Taipei in Taiwan. It was originally a fun and exciting holiday, except everyone got sick in Taipei. As I don’t have any photos taken from my trip in Taiwan, I would post mainly on the first leg of my journey

If you want to know more, comment and I’ll write up a post!

Malaysian Trip

My husband’s first must to was to get his feet cleaned by fish, such places exist and is called a Fish Spa. Usually these tropical fish will eat the dead skin surrounding the feet, if you put your hands in it will eat it too, but feet is more of a fun torture.

fish eating my dead skin

Because us humans think that fish love eating our dead skin. Well, this species seems to like it a lot, I have encountered wild types of the same species in Sabah, in one of the waterfalls near Poring Hot Springs. If you go into the water fall, they will come swarming and picking nibbles at you. I cannot imagine I taste good though. Definitely not recommended for ticklish people, they are extremely so.


Then it was a short sprint back to where I was born, a small town called Taiping. I was hoping to show my kids and (very ignorant husband) my grandparent’s livelihood when they were young. My maternal family (both her sides) were in the charcoal business, except if I recall her mom’s side sold it off in favor of plantation some time later. Yes, charcoal, the mangrove type. If you are interested let me know and I’ll put up a separate post about it. My mom even does craft with it.

Prince Brat posing before a kiln

Following an accidental promise that we would take him to the zoo, Prince Brat decided to bug us every minute until we arrive at our destination. Taiping Zoo remains the oldest Zoo in Malaysia, because the town was the country’s capital before Kuala Lumpur took its mantel (history lesson).  But, it was hot and humid, luckily we managed to catch a sad looking diesel engine train to take us around.

crocodile is this big!
crocodile is this big!

It has obviously doubled in size since my last visit at age 6? But the animals in there remain sad and depressed as ever, their enclosures poorly maintained and filled with algae (ewww). Sometimes I wonder if they would just chuck carcasses of dead animals to the crocs, because it seems that those reptiles were strangely well fed, as were the lions. The stench of the zoo was unbearable as well, even Prince Brat was disappointed and became disinterested quickly.

Well, until we saw an elephant swimming in its special trough for fun. Interestingly, the elephants’ enclosure is the only structure that remains the same after all these years. I do remember because we used to shake hands with the lovely animals over the steel gate. They are real gentle giants.


Of course, nothing is more important than shopping. This is the only beauty product I got from Malaysia…


As you know I am a huge follower of sheet mask, found it in Daiso, Malaysia. I haven’t been to thIMG_20170521_151714194e Adelaide branch so I do not know if they sell everything the same. But this silicone mask holds your sheet mask to prevent dehydration. With the ear loop, you can finally walk around the house, scaring everyone witless with your new look.

I haven’t tried it yet, seeing that I am sick, I have no need to walk around looking like a ghost. I am already haggard enough to scare my kids.


But there will be a review, as I have been ill and tired, please bear with me and thank you for your patience.

Peace out!

And do take care of yourselves, so hard to get rid of a cold when you get one.

Trip to Taiwan, stay tuned
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3 Stuffs That Blows My Mind!

New Stuffs that Blow My Mind

I know that some of these stuffs are not brand new, as in just came out of the oven. But they still seem new to me, so they are in the list.

Image from Charlotte Tilbury

Dry Mask… you read that right! Dry, not wet with liquid but dry. It boasts to work for up to eight hours after you take it off! Quoted by Charlotte Tilbury website, you can even use it thrice at it is dry, and will have less places for bacteria to grow. Plus, it is great for travelling, not having gooey stuff dripping every where right? Getting of the plane looking awesome is not a dream now.

At USD 35 per mask, that better be multi-use. Buy Link here, not affiliated.

Moschino Bag

Moschino Should Bag

This $850 Capsule collection from Moschino is something that I will never ever recommend people to buy. I am an avid Feng shui follower, and one of the important mantra is not to dress trashy. Imagine all the bad luck following this pretty interesting thing around.

Same goes for ripped jeans and shirt, a lot of people would think that it is nothing. For Feng Shui, it attracts negative energy hence will effectively make your luck worse. Well, buying this bag will definitely make my finances turn worse.

Meat That is Not Meat


In the quest of finding a way to feed the world, many companies try to focus on producing food that is nutritious and sustainable. Often that means plant based protein, like soy and hemp. Rice is more starch than protein, while eggs and meat comes from an animal, which some considers carbon footprint and cost.

So, soylent is GMO and has a lot of nutrients added into the mix. Consider this a soy drink that has everything you need on the go. Another thing to note, is that this is not really the newest thing that blows my mind, it is just how it is going to be.

Sooner or later, I’m going to be eating soy meat and not know it. That, is what blows my mind.

Is man trying to play God?

This is kind of funny, considering man has been playing God for a long time now. They use God as an excuse to kill people in Salem. And men also selectively bred animals and plants to their own liking, if it were up to nature, I am sure things a lot different.

To say that now, is just hypocrisy I think. I think we wouldn’t be eating soy burgers while wearing trash can leather bags if we were not playing God.

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Black Jade : Book Review

Prince Brat says I read too much

Black Jade is the last of them… I hope

Here is the cover of it, without Prince Brat photobombing my book.

Black Jade
Author: Kylie Chan
Series: Celestial Battle Trilogy (Book 3)
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Genre: fantasy, Chinese culture, myth
ISBN-13: 978-0062329103

Starting from her Dark Heavens series, Kylie Chan made her debut with White Tiger. Now the story I hope ends with Black Jade, because I can read the tiredness from this book. The characters are tired, the story needs to end, it has been dragging for ages! Emma has been through Dark Heavens trilogy, Journey to Wudang Trilogy and now the Celestial Battle trilogy. My patience with the series is wearing thin, and the characters seem to be lacking some shine that they had in the first few books.

I do have to admire the author’s skill to keep everything consistent, especially when there are so many growth and characters. However, all good set of characters and setting has to end somehow. The reluctance of this author to let her baby go can be worrying, it is like Sherlock Holmes keeps trying to solve more mysteries.

Like I said, this book felt tired. While the characters and settings are still consistent and the story fairly straight, you can feel the lethargy with the shortcuts and the lack of certain details. After reading all eight of her previous books, I will confess I like this book the least. Even in Black Jade, I could see that the story should end, but the author stubbornly tries to keep it alive.


Disappointing, instead of a good closure and good bye, I got a premise for another series/ book. After nine books, three trilogies, I want to rest. I want to be rewarded for my loyalty, saying good bye and have a nice life, not see you next book! Well, the heroine wasn’t that super that I want to see her again.

The most disappointing thing? I actually waited all these years, and not get an ending.