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Beauty Products with Dual Uses (that saves you space)

Beauty Products that are (not so) sneakily multitask

I am sure that you know the BB, CC, DD and even EE cream, these are wonderful products in your skin care regimen that can shorten time needed to prepare for the day. This post though, focus on products that have more than one use, so that you do not have to buy so many things.

The first one goes to …

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Skin 200ml
Yes, this is a toner. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Skin is a toner that boasts supplying collagen and moisture to improve complexion. It has Baobab Tree concentrate to improve moisture retention while collagen improves skin tightness.

Apart from being a toner, you can use it as a mask. Particularly if you are travelling, and cannot be stuffed bringing too many things with you. The trick is simple: just get these compressed facial sheet masks.

Compressed Facial Masks for everything!

I buy a lot of these when I see them cheap, a pack of hundred sets you back $10 (or less if you shop around). Best for travelling, you can soak them in liquid and watch them become a mask. Very useful during travels, because you can use your toner, or simply buy some milk and make it into a mask after breakfast. If you are feeling tired, make green tea and donate some to your face.

It is that simple, this pack of 100 represents a hundred different types of possibilities for your skin.

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask
This is one of Neutrogena’s older products, but it works a treat for those who have acne problems. It contains benzyl peroxide, and you can leave it on for a few minutes to let it do its job before rinsing it off. If your skin is not too sensitive, this Clear Pore Cleanser/ Mask is a must try for pimply skin.

I did  use it, but I cannot leave it on for too long as it starts to tingle. However, it is a great daily cleanser when my face is oily.

Last New Product
Neutrogena Deep Clean Micellar Gel to Foam

sensitive skin

Neutrogena has released this new beauty product that cleanse makeup before cleaning your skin. I think that this 2-in-1 is pretty cool, considering that sometimes people get lazy right?

No more excuse to not clean your skin thoroughly before going to bed. Here is the advertisement featuring Kirsten Bell. I do want to try it, but I have too many things going in my beauty products box. Maybe one day.

Like my TBR list, by things to try list keeps growing

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Book & Mask 3 : Petitfee Gold EGF vs The Harvest Baker

Gold EGF vs the Harvest Baker
Petitfee Gold EGF vs the The Harvest Baker

The Mask Review

This Petitefee Gold EGF mask is a souvenir from Korea, and I have used it all up! I did second guess about finishing it, but I also did not want to let it go out of date on me. No regrets there.

Made in Korea, this transparent gel mask contains gold flecks as well as Epidermal Growth Factor. The Gold detox and is a skin tone enhancer, while the EGF promotes cell growth, in theory it reduces signs of aging by getting your own cells to grow more.

It does sound good in theory. How does it stack up in reality?

The answer is pretty well actually. I do not know the dose of EGF or how much gold they have in this, but I leave it on for a long time. Longer than the prescribed 40 minutes. Hence I did feel a good improvement on my skin after each use.

However, the effect does not last long, by next day it my skin’s glow would have dulled. If you are using it for a special occasion, do it closer to the time, like the day of event.

misc 21
Goodness I didn’t look as funny

My only gripe, is that the transparent mask does not conform to my face very well.. You cannot see the little flecks of gold on the picture, I assure you that they are definitely there.

The good part about this mask that it is not full of fluid, and will dry out. The gel stays moist for a long time. I think the longest I left it on was for two hours, as I was reading

The Harvest Baker



The Harvest Baker Review

The Harvest Baker: 150 Sweet & Savory Recipes Celebrating the Fresh-Picked Flavors of Fruits, Herbs & Vegetables

The Harvest Baker
Author: Ken Haedrich
Publisher: Storey Publishing
Genre: Cooking, Food & Wine
Publish date: 27 June 2017

Before you say hang on! I would like to clarify that the cover on the iPad was indeed the cover of the book before the change. Personally, I prefer the one I had, much cleaner. But this second cover is more accurate, and makes me hungrier. Netgalley is a place for ARCs, so not surprising about the change.

This book is for the bakers who has a vegetable garden, or parents who are at a lost on how to promote more fruits and vegetables into their kids diet. I know I struggle, so any tip about increasing fruits and vegetable intake is welcome.

If you are like my husband, someone who hates sweet stuff, then The Harvest Baker is definitely for you. The author Ken includes a lot of savory recipes, and there is something for everyone. I love how the recipes are laid out, and not all are easy to make. At this stage, I think everything is difficult (because one hand is tied to holding a brat). Once things get easier I will definitely attempt the recipes in the book.

Overall, if you are a fan of healthy eating and baking, The Harvest Baker is the one for you.


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Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound
Author: Allie Hope
Series: Promise Me Series Book 1
Genre: Young Adult/ Abuse

Safe and Sound, the irony of it

The heroine in the book is far from feeling safe and sound in her home, her dad bailed and her mom exist only in body, because drugs have her mind. Sixteen year old Hailey’s life is full of eviction notices, her mom’s poker games and Saturday School. At this point, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is rock bottom for Hailey Perish.

It is not, nightmare has just begun. While this book is fiction, I am sure that this can be a reality for real people. Their parents failed them by not being there, then there is the Epic Fail. Hailey’s mom belongs to the category. In Hailey’s case, her mom made a horrible decision.

She used her own daughter as collateral, and….

It would not be a story if she won

The nightmare starts when Mitchell Santos won the poker game, and wants to cash in on it. Hailey becomes property, his property. You would probably know where this is going by now, and the author has got me, hook line and sinker. No cake or chocolate is going to make this better. Hailey seeks help, but there are not many whom she could trust.

The book is written in a third person point of view, so it is less confusing as the characters come and go. Hailey and Carson’s characters are the most fleshed out, because they are the main features. The story takes you to a dark place, and I constantly worried for her. In Safe and Sound, you really want her to succeed, because failing will break your heart. In this book, I did not know who to turn to and trust, despite having a better view from above.


Safe and Sound is thrilling, as it is dark and dangerous. It will make you teen appreciate you more, for… Click To Tweet

I am not kidding, if you give this to your teen, it will be a wake up call. Safe and Sound is a book about hope, friendship and accepting help without shame. Love and family is not just about sharing DNA together, it is about being there for each other.

Plus, love the cover.


Somewhere in Time – Book Review

Somewhere in Time
Author: Alyssa Richards
ISBN: 139780979226564
Series: The Fine Art of Deception #2
Genre: paranormal, art, romance

Somewhere In Time Review

I got this from the author, after reviewing her first book Undoing Time. The cover for this one clearly shows the title of the book, but still no indication of what the book is really about. I think it is cool, the focus of the cover is on the two lovers: Addie and Blake. If you are not a cover judge, I guess it is fine. I do pick books based on covers, so if this book was on the shelf of my library I would not have borrowed it.

The reason of the titles became clear in this book, Addie and Blake learns that things are not what they seem when it comes to their nemesis: Otto. The sly fox had managed to wiggle his way out of jail, and he still wants Addie to be his business partner. Running out of places to run and hide, Addie decided to face Otto head on.

Except that it was not such a great idea, a visit to Grandmother Grace confirmed that much. If all the heroes listen to wisdom and sound advice, the story would have ended or become boring. This age old rebellion prove to be the same with Addie. I do not mind that, but somehow I wished that she would be more cautious, knowing that lies ahead.

Another problem is that the story keeps hinting of Addie and Blake’s past lives, like it matters since book 1. Now at book 2, the signs keeps popping up, and then it drops off. What is the author planning? Something explosive I hope, because this is becoming a drag. The book ends with the couple planning to rid of their enemy once and for all.

I hope that they do a better job than the first time.

Somewhere in Time, lies a mystery that I would like to solve. But this is a paranomal romance book, so I… Click To Tweet


Not impressive, but acceptable second book of the series. I like Somewhere in Time for the story progression and pace, it is going somewhere fast. It also took me to an interesting and unforgettable journey through arts, I should be thankful for that. But the characters are not growing much as a couple or heroes, it is as if they are too afraid to take a big step forward.

There is book 3, so I hope that something big will take me by surprise.

Overall, this might be a promising series.

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Crayola Paint Maker : Prince Brat’s Stupid Buy & Review

Crayola Paint Maker- the money waster

Paint Maker

Here it is, my last regret buy of year 2016. Bought this Crayola Paint Maker for 50% off, which was still around AUD15. It was a treat for Prince Brat, because he never gets toys like these, food is what we usually indulge him. Look at him, he is skinny and needs more food, right?

Prince Brats Review: love it for around a week or so. It was great, but I cannot turn the dial to shake the paint. So mommy has to do it for me, or else I won’t use it.

Mommy’s Review

At first glance, it sounded like a good idea. Let’s teach Prince Brat how colors work: you mix these colors together to make a new color. No mess, that is a plus too. Then reality sets in: this is just a toy, you can call it educational, but it is still a toy.

You get a set of instructions, tiny containers to hold and shake your paint. The construct of this shaker is bad, because everything is plastic here. I was worried that I might break it before I manage to create paint, but we came through in the end.

This thing is also noisy, Princess Brat was fully awake by the third spin, and the paint hasn’t even been mixed The kit comes with 75 strips of prime colors, so it is 25 of red, blue and yellow each, and a base paint . Also included are the color guides, and a lousy way to store these things.

After spending too much time creating paints, I managed to test them out. The colors are good, vibrant and clear. A plus if you are after washable ones. But Crayola paints are usually washable, and good in quality. So no issues with the finished product. If you are spending the normal amount to buy this set, my advice is don’t. You can easily buy crayola paints in the bottles and teach your kids the concept that way.

The noisy shaker only produces small amount of paint, so you will constantly be shaking new ones. Worse, the refills are AUD15 each! It is quite a ripoff in my own opinion. These might market as a useful tool, in reality it is still a plaything. I doubt that your kids will use it often, once the novelty wears off.

I should have gotten Prince Brat a better coloring set, with AUD15, there are a lot of good options out there. It is not a bad product, but it is useless even as a cocktail mixer.