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The Body Shop: Oils of Life (Review)

The Body Shop: Oils of Life
My source: gift pack
Size: 100mL
RRP: $25.99 (Amazon)

Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Bi-Phase Essence Lotion

The Body Shop infuses cold- pressed Black Cumin Seed oil, Camellia Seed Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil to create this unique range. This bi- phase Essense Lotion should be the step after cleansing but before your other routines. There are other products in the Oils of Life range, but I am reviewing the Essence Lotion.

Oils of Life promises to instantly replenish skin with moisture and revitalize your skin. By using the cold- press technique to preserve their revitalizing and replenishing properties, skin can feel nourished and soft after use.  The blend is made from 99% oils of natural origin. The Body Shop says

Radiance is instantly revived and skin appears smoother


Is it true?

It sounds too good to be true, a product that can boost radiance almost instantly. After four (4) weeks your skin will be softer and more radiant. The essence lotion also helps with hydration and overall skin health. To be honest, at the moment I am still skeptical.

Mainly because when I read the ingredients, the majority of the bottle is still water, which is the main ingredient for this formation. To make this lotion work, it has to contain chemicals to marry the oil to the water well. So there’s glycerin and Disodium EDTA, along with other interesting things like alcohol and preservatives. If you have sensitive skin, do make sure to ask for a test before committing.

If you want to know if it works, I cannot say. So far, after 2.5 weeks of using, my skin still looks and feels the same. So to be honest, I highly doubt my skin will have an overnight transformation and be perfect. Because this was free, and I have nothing else to use, I will finish this lotion before moving on.

Oils of Life might sound promising, the seeds have been lauded in skin care products for a long time. These oils are obtained via cold- pressed methods as well, so this should have been a great product to try. But the Oils of Life Essence lotion contains more water than oil, and it also has other things in it too. In the end, I am not really sure if it is worth the cost, and to recommend this lotion.
I still look plain and boring

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Death and Donuts (Review)

Death and Donuts (A Frankie and Josh Mystery Book 3)
Author: Stan Schatt
Publisher: Pen-L Publishing
Series: Frankie & Josh 3
Genre: Mystery, suspense
ASIN: B01N061W4X

My Death and Donuts Review:

I was given the book for a fair review, special thanks you Stan who was kind enough to allow me to have the book. Everyone knows it is hard to read a book when you have a baby, that is not true, I believe toddlers are harder.

This is my second Frankie & Josh book, my first is actually book 2: A Bullet For the Ghost Whisperer. I had enjoyed the collaboration between a straight cop and a psychic gossip columnist/ reporter. The unlikely duo were dynamic, independent people who had to learn how to trust each other.

After the success of the last case, it is only natural for Frankie to enlist in the help of Josh once with this new case. Death of a famous actor before a big event is news, and her boss Chief Rankin is reluctant to look like an idiot when the press hounds pounce for blood. Frankie had a deadline, and a hall pass to get things moving, to find answers.

But someone does not want this mystery solved, more dead bodies turned up as Frankie tried to find out who is the elusive Ruby Red. With her trusted friend Josh, Frankie would be navigating political landmines, backstabbers and secret organizations to unearth secrets. Death and Donuts may become Death by Donuts, especially if she trod on someone big’s foot.

Frankie and Josh have matured into a team, mainly because of the trauma since the last case. Frankie not only has to put her pain aside, she might have to face them head on. Not only her reputation is at stake, her job is now on the line. The pressure is on, and will Frankie be able to figure out this case?


Although it can be mostly read as a standalone, Death and Donuts will be more comfortable fitting in the series section. There are ongoing issues relating to Frankie and Josh’s private lives, and it would be unfair to just focus on cases alone. If you are looking for interesting and engaging suspense stories, then this series might be a good fit as the plot has twists and a strong lead.

But if you are seeing the duo as individuals, then their growth will interest you, but you will need to start from book one. I like Frankie, she is no- nonsense; while Josh has a lot of self- doubt, which was evident in this book. I love how imperfect they are, but they complement each other.

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Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid (Review)

Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid
Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid

La Roche Posay: Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid (Normal/ Combination Skin)

It’s Summer Time! Yes it will be summer in Down Under while the Northern Hemisphere is going into Winter. I am hoping that it will not be a super hot summer. But the UV has been extreme lately, and so I am reminding everyone to use their sunscreen.

As long as the UV is 5 and above, it is a good idea to use a sunscreen, because radiation = damage. Tips not to get wrinkly skin: use good sunscreen. I have used La Roche Posay’s Anthelios Ultra, actually it’s me and Prince Brat, because he has such beautiful skin, so duty bound to look after it for him. For the price, I put it as a high- end drug store brand.

Anthelios dries quickly and absorbs quickly without a lot of rubbing, which was important for me because Prince Brat was a child who loves to jump around. La Roche Posay boasts having Cell- Ox Shield, which is effective in filtering sun rays. All I know is that, the whole summer when I was using Anthelios, I had less spots, like little freckles that I inherited from my mom. Prince Brat’s skin was notibly less irritated by the sun’s rays, you can feel the rays of UV 12 cooking your skin from the inside, it’s horrible really.

Anthelios also has Senna Alata complex that works as an anti-oxidant for the skin, that is a plus for me. It was like hitting two birds in one stone: protecting against radiation and oxidation.

While La Roche Posay says it leaves a matte finish, I did not see/ feel it was so. It was less greasy and does not have that icky feel some sunscreens give, but it would be a stretch saying that it gives me a matte feel. However, it allowed me to put on makeup after easily. I was happy with it, the bottle lasted me the whole summer with Prince Brat.

Other things Anthelios boasts is being fragrance and PABA free, and it is non- comedogenic. It is also water resistant, but many sunscreens nowadays are too.


If you like good quality sunscreens, but hate paying too high price, then try Anthelios. It may not be the cheapest sunscreen in the store, but I believe you do get what you pay for. I would say nothing is more precious than good and healthy skin. I am happy with La Roche Posay’s Anthelios and definitely will go back for seconds, especially if there is a discount.

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The Westhampton Hurricane (Review)

The Westhampton Hurricane: Colton Banyon Mystery 27 (Volume 27)
Series: Colton Banyon Mystery #27
Authors: Gerald J. Kubicki, Kristopher Kubicki
Genre: mystery, suspense, historical fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-13: 978-1540302328

My Review for Westhampton Hurricane

I have received this book in exchange for a fair review, no compensation is received.

27 books, I have actually read 27 Colton Banyon books *amazed at myself*. I have watched/ read Colton grew from a ‘single man’ team, into a leader for an efficient team of experts that saved the world. While you do not need to read all 27 previous books prior to Westhampton Hurricane, it does help relate to the book and characters easier. If you have read any of the Colton Banyon Mysteries (with the exception of SIM team), then this might interest you.

Westhampton Hurricane happened in 1966 at Westhampton NY, where Colton Banyon and his family resided. The hurricane had uncovered something special. The hurricane had also smashed part of barrier island, Dune Road and some houses. As usual, Colton decides to see what turned up on the beaches after the hurricane: it was the military. A little poking around yielded result, something was washed ashore, dislodged by the Westhampton Hurricane.

Soon, Colton’s curiosity drags him and a friend around town. Some clam digging unearths more questions, Colton is determined to uncover everything. But when things get dangerous, does Colton have the power to stop bad guys? Or will he find a guardian angel? Colton the teen may be getting into big trouble.

Colton’s sharp intuition was definitely cultivated back in 1966. It is the little things that matter, like trust and friendship. I like the setting of Westhampton Hurricane. This story is worth a read, particularly if you already know Colton and his other friend. I would recommend it to those who are familiar with the series. But it can be also read as a standalone

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MD Formulations : Vit-A-Plus Masque (Review)

MD formulation Vit-A-Plus Clearing Complex Masque
MD formulations Vit-A-Plus Clearing Complex Masque

MD Formulations’s Vit-A-Plus Clearing Complex Masque

This is my only leave in/ rinse off masque at the moment. I have this one since before I was pregnant, and I would often use it when I remember. The trouble with this one is that I have to rinse off, which sometimes makes it harder. Initially, when I saw this product, it didn’t occur to me that it was a mask. Well… MD Formulations does have a lot of beauty products worth trying.

Actually, it was the word Vit- A that attracted me into buying this. As we all know, vitamin A is good for the skin, and you can find Retinol (vitamin A analogue) in products that improves skin tone and clarity. MD Formulation’s masque promised beautiful skin, refined pores. It also boasts reduce pimples and fight oiliness. The main reason is that I needed something light to exfoliate and even out my skin tone.

MD Formulation’s Vit- A Plus Clearing Complex Masque contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids, which are gentle exfoliating chemicals. Top them up with retinol and rosemary, I had hopes. The mask smells of rosemary (nice) and applies smoothly like velvet. The only problem I have is to rinse it off after ten minutes. because it is not good to leave this mask in for too long.

Verdict? It is pretty good, but too bad I am not consistent enough to tell you if it does work or not. Straight after rinsing off, I do notice that my skin has improved in terms of oil production/ sheen. That matte feeling stays for a good while, hence the tendency to forget. I would do this every week or every fortnight, if I do remember. Sometimes once a month, because I would use other masks before coming back to this.

MD Formulation does have a few promising products in its range, I will try other products one day. But right now, I have to finish this one first. I do recommend this if for people who have oily skin. It is not the most expensive brands, worth a try.